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This week in the Land of Learning

Howdy, howdy!

Time has really slipped away from me.  I took lots of great pictures from our Dr. Seuss week and I WILL share with you!  It was too cute and fun not to!  Besides, we ended the week with Stick Horse Rodeo and that was so much fun!  Y’all need to see what you missed!  But in the mean time, here’s what we’re up to this week:

First up is math.  We are going to working on fractional parts- i.e. parts of a set and parts of a whole.  Since this will be a generally new concept (actually teaching it besides seeing it on Lone Star Math- more on that later) I’m not ready for this to be in my stations.  Stations need to be as independent as possible as I’m working with a small group.  So I keep the stations to all previously learned topics.  I’ll do a post about how math block is done in my room/school a little later.  Now, while we are doing fractional parts during learning time, math stations is going to be tricked out in St. Patrick’s Day!  This is like the first time I since I started teaching that remember being at school on this green day so I’m excited!  So here’s the line up:

In bucket number 1 I’ve got the following:

Now this has a math and a literacy station and I’m using both.  So happy about this!  The math station is matching up subtraction sentences that have the same difference.  This is great because my kiddos definitely need subtraction practice and we’re going to be doing another addition and subtraction unit after fractional parts.  I’ll explain the literacy station below.  Click the image to go get it yourself!  🙂

In bucket number 2 we have:

I love Heather!  She was one of the first blogs I ever started following and have loved reading her journey through teaching!  This is another combo math and literacy pack which is another win for me!  For math I’m doing the Lucky Math Sort where they sort number sentences by their answers- equal to 6, less than 6, greater than 6.  Love it!  And yes the literacy station will be featured below.  🙂  Click the image to go grab this great set and leave Heather some love!

Bucket number 3:

Who doesn’t love Ashley Hughes?!  I love all her work!  I love how this will help my kiddos keep on their graphing toes.  I laminated the dice and then folded them up.  Hopefully the kiddos will be gentle with them.  If they are, I’ll just remove the tape to store them flat.  Fingers crossed it works!  Click the image to snag this up!

Bucket number 4:

Just another great chance for my kiddos to practice their addition and subtraction skills.  I can tell some really need it.  Click the image to get this yourself!

Bucket number 5:

Now I was a very lucky girl with this one!  Michelle at Teach123 did a giveaway for this great new pack and I won!  Woohoo!  You can click the image to go this yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!  While it was created for older kiddos, I was able to use bits and pieces to take care of a bucket so I’m happy!  🙂

Bucket number 6:

Okay no this one isn’t St. Patrick’s Day.  I know.  But this activity is exactly what I wanted for my kiddos.  Money can never stop now that it’s learned.  Who agrees with me?  It was a concept that many had to work really hard to learn and I’m not about to let their hard work go away.  Some are still struggling with it.  And since the first day of spring comes this week (on my sister’s birthday no less!) I knew it was a perfect fit!  Click the image to go get it!

So that’s math.  What about reading?  Well we use HM Journeys, Texas edition.  We are on lesson 20.  We will be covering compound words, cause and effect, prepositional words and phrases (so hard too!), and continuing to improve our fluency rates.  We were blessed to get the flip chart stations that went with the program so that took care of 3 stations right there.  I will explain my reading block in another post as that is such a big animal by itself.  Again, I prefer to use my stations as a review to help with the independence.  But some do cover the skills we are currently learning.  That’s mainly the flip charts and spelling station.  But some of the other stations I will be using include the following:

Pocket Chart- Rainbow Antonyms out of the Lotsa Luck St. Patrick’s Day Centers pack mentioned above.  This is for review.

Word Work- Lucky Leprechaun Order out of the March Freebie Fun mentioned above.  They are putting March words in ABC order.  Another great review skill some of my kiddos need.

Word Wall- now this one I’m really struggling with this one for some reason.  Right now I pick one of the words and just give them the letters.  They have to figure out my “mystery word” and turn in their guess.  Those that guess right get a ticket (more on that later).  They are also finding all the 6-lettered words and writing them down.  I want more for this station but I’ll just have to continue brainstorming and looking through the resources I’ve got.  I’ll get there eventually!  🙂

Read the Room- I found this great activity from Stephany Dillon on TPT and I’m changing it to be read the room.  Instead of them just sorting the cards in one spot, they will travel the room and write their sort on the recording sheet.  This is a review from our last Journeys lesson.  They really need this.  Click the image below to go get it!

I’ve pulled a couple other activities for my small groups to work on as well.  Since this post is already so so long, I’ll wait and share what I’m using where in a day or two.  I’ll try to make those visual plans next time around.  So there’s my week!  Hope your week is good if you are not on spring break!  And if you are on spring break- enjoy!!

Happy Teaching!

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This week in the Land of Learning

Okay so let’s pretend it’s still Sunday!  I meant to have this post up then but I got too busy doing all my planning for this awesome week that it was AFTER midnight before I knew it and so yeah…  Needed to sleep.  Lol!  So here’s my preview to my week…a day late.  🙂

Sunday was a special day.  Dr. Seuss’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Cat in the Hat!  So my team has decided to deviate from our normal reading program (insert Psycho screeching here!).  We are doing…Drum roll please!  Dr. Seuss all week long!!!!  Yay!!!!  We love it because it’s not the ordinary same old same old.  The kids love it because it’s Dr. Seuss!  We really get to do some fun activities and just go hog-wild!  So here’s what we are up to:


  • Book- The Cat in the Hat
  • Main activity- learn/relearn some Dr. Seuss facts (one of our reading series stories is about Dr. Seuss); make list of high-frequency words he used to write that first book; learn how Dr. Seuss changed reading from Dick and Jane to something much different; start reader’s notebook.


  • Book- There’s a Wocket in My Pocket
  • Main activity- figure out meanings to his nonsense words; discuss why he made the nonsense words; add more to the word list; reader’s notebook


  • Book- The ABC Book
  • Main activity- read tongue twisters; make own tongue twisters for neat activity (will show pictures!); add more to the word list; reader’s notebook


  • Book- Horton Hears a Who
  • Main activity- discuss what theme is; figure out theme of book; writing activity- What would you tell Horton if you were a Who?; word list; reader’s notebook


  • Book- Oh, The Places You’ll Go!
  • Main activity- hot air balloon telling what they want to be when they grow up; word list; reader’s notebook

Now I know.  This looks rather boring.  No pictures.  But I’m taking lots of pictures to share the results at the end of the week.  This is my first time to actually post about this.  I’m also going to be using some great stations provided by Kathy Law over at First Grade a la Carte that are just made this for this!  In math we are finishing up our topic on comparing and ordering numbers to 100.  We had a first grade program last week and between rehearsals and a bad video causing us to retape the whole show, we got behind.  So rather than cram, we are just going to take our time and finish it this week.  Which works perfectly as next week is spring break!  Woohoo!  Since we can either do science or social studies on a given day, this week is for science.  We are learning plants and seeds, with a concentration on seeds this week.  We are going to look at different seeds and really get to know them before we get to the actual plants.  I know my scientists are ready!

Now what would a week of school be like without a couple of extras in there?  Let’s see… Tonight was Open House- success!  All this week is Texas Public School’s Week so we have special breakfasts each day now- Muffins for Mom, Donuts for Dad, Sausage and Biscuits with Grandparents.  And because we are in East Texas and it’s rodeo season, Friday is Stick Horse Rodeo.  All I’ve gotta say is this…  BRING IT ON!  🙂

So again, please excuse the lack of prettiness of this post.  One of these days I’ll figure out how the other great bloggers create those totally cool visual plans.  And I’m working to post this stuff on time.  Haha!  So that will help too.  But don’t worry!  I’m clicking pictures left and right of what my kiddos are doing so I can share later.  I will say it feels good to be blogging again!  I’ve missed y’all!

Happy Teaching!

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This week…Very quickly!

So everyone is doing these fancy visual plans and I love seeing them.  But making them?!  Well…Not yet.  I’ll get there.  But I did want to share with you what we’re doing this week.  I do love seeing what learning is going on in the other classrooms of the blogs I stalk read.  It really refreshes me, gives me new ideas, and reassures me that I’m not alone in the trenches.  But I’m straying from the point!

Okay so I’ll share what’s going on in each subject as well as any stations I’m doing…

Math- we are learning plane shapes and organized lists.  My kiddos are really enjoying this as they know shapes pretty well already.  So they think it’s easy peezy!  But the organized lists are throwing them for a loop!  We will be reviewing this later this week.

Reading- We use Houghton Mifflin Journeys and we are on Unit 1 Lesson 5.  This covers short u, Gus Takes the Train, elements of a story, and adjectives- color and number words.  Last week we learned size and shape words.

Science- We learned today about what a scientist is.  I wanted to bring my husband’s lab coat, dress a kiddo up with all the “tools of the trade” a scientist might have, and slowly take items away.  All the while asking if the kiddo was still a scientist.  But alas…I forgot the lab coat.  Ugh.  So instead, I had them tell me what they think a scientist is.  See chart below:

A couple of them said scientists make potions and one said they make them explode!  Love it!  I pretty much told them that they were right.  Scientists do these things.  Then I asked if they were scientists.  They said no, but they could grow up to become one.  I asked if I was a scientist.  Lots of nos on this one but one kiddo popped up and said that I know a lot of stuff to teach them so yes I was.  Cutie!  I then informed them that ALL of them were scientists and showed them what a scientist does while making this chart:

Please ignore the writing mistakes and horrible art work!  I’m not either of my sisters…who can both draw…sigh…anyways…They loved it!  Tomorrow we’ll start observing some properties of matter and be introduced to our science notebooks.  Yay!  Wednesday is an early release day so we will be teaching this kind of fast.  We’ll also look at the 3 states of matter- solids, liquids, gases.  They will even get to EAT one!  Surprise for them!  😀

So there you have it!  It’s not detailed at all.  But at least you know what’s going on in this Land of Learning.  Next post…Stations!  See y’all soon!

Happy Teaching!

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What we’re learning this week

Okay so wow!  Look at me!  Posting 2 days in a row!  Feeling great!  So I had a very good first day back with my kiddos.  They were excited about the room arrangement and I really worked to use my whole group area on the floor as much as possible.  I used it for math and reading.  I would have done science there too but they needed to write on a paper.  The goal is when they don’t need to write or use supplies, we’re on the floor.  Otherwise it’s the desks.  I like being closer to them when I teach and it breaks things up.  But all this can (and probably will) be elaborated in a later post.  🙂

So this week we’ve got a jam-packed week of learning.  In math, we’re doing graphs and data.  In Texas, state tests start in 3rd grade.  But a while back, my school was part of the Reading First grant.  While the 3rd grade team had their state test to help measure the grant’s effectiveness, the lower grades needed something.  Enter the Iowa Test of Basic Skills- or ITBS.  We do this test in April and it lasts for a couple of hours a day for a week.  Not fun.  Just to let you know.  So anyways, there’s always lots of graphing questions so we have to specifically make sure that we teach this particular unit before that test.  But it’s actually really fun and easy on the kiddos.  We’ll be hitting addition and subtraction hard again after this so that will throw them for a loop.  For our math program, we use Scott Foresman Envision.  We’re on Topic 20.  I’m going to be changing up math stations starting Wednesday and I’ll be sharing what my kiddos will be up to in that post.

In reading we use Houghton Mifflin Texas Journeys.  There is a version of Journeys that are used by other states, but Houghton Mifflin had to make a Texas version to fit our state standards.  So we’re on Unit 5 Lesson 22.  The big focus with this lesson is r-controlled vowels- particularly er, ir, ur.  Ouch!  And they have a spelling list with a mixture of these words.  It’s not easy trying to help these kiddos just know when to use er, or ir, or ur.  Did I tie your tongue up?  😉  So anyways, I decided to troll through the many great products from the fabulous teacher authors out on the net to see what I could use in stations.  I printed several things but one really stands out for me and that is this one:

Click on the picture to go to Vicky Moore’s store at TPT.  This is not a free product, but I got it free some time during the last school year.  I believe I got it from Teaching Blog Addict’s big teacher appreciation event where a bunch of authors gave a free item worth a certain amount.  I just remember clicking like crazy that night trying to get everything I could.  I got most of it!  🙂  So anyways, this was an awesome packet to have and the best part was, I had it printed, laminated, and cut (this part thanks to my amazing hubby) BEFORE today!!  Go me!!  I got to use it in my small groups.  Woohoo!  (Just so you know, I don’t always get that far ahead to be able to do that.)

So anyways, the packet includes poems, some practice sheets, and these word strips missing the r-controlled vowel.  You print the strips and these cute little Super Kidz that are labeled with either er, ir, or ur.  Vicky suggested putting them on popsicle sticks but I didn’t get that far.  But the kiddos are supposed to put the needed Super Kid in the blank to complete the word.  Awesome!  Since I knew that just constant practice was going to be the only way a lot of my kiddos figure this out, I just pulled this out and started using it.  They loved it!  Here’s pictures of what I did:

Aren’t they cute?!  If they got something wrong, I would go over the word, especially if it was one I know the student has seen before, to see if the student could correct on his/her own.  I would give more guidance as needed.  An example below:

It’s hard to see but she put er in first.  I had her read the word and asked her to really look at it.  Did it look right?  She immediately saw it wasn’t and picked the correct one.  If she had not been able to do that, I would have guided her to the right answer.  Once they selected the right Super Kid, I had them read the word to me and write the word on dry-erase boards for extra practice.  See below:

(She fixed her word!  🙂 )

Sorry!  I went a little picture crazy.  But they really loved it!  Big shout out to Vicky Moore at Traditions, Laughter, and Happily Ever After for creating it and giving me the opportunity to get a hold of it!

In science we are studying the 3 states of matter.  We started yesterday by looking at ice cubes and a crayon, recording their physical properties on a chart, and then discussing ways we could change them and what would happen if we added heat.  We’ll continue looking at solids, liquids, and gases the rest of this week.  If we do anything spectacular I’ll be sure to share.  🙂  This lesson came from C-Scope, which is our new district curriculum.  We just bought it in January and right now we’re just using it where we need/want to while the district completely maps out how we’ll use the full curriculum next year.  Joy.

So anyways, this is my week!  Like I said earlier, I’ll sharing my new math stations later this week and I’ll do a post on reading stations once those are changed (if I can ever get my word wall up).  🙂

Happy Teaching!

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