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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!  It’s the week where we are showered with love, thanks, FOOD, and maybe some trinkets.  I know I’ve been feeling the love from my school as our PTO and administrators are spoiling us rotten!  I love it!  But this post is not about me.  It’s about the great teacher bloggers out there who are not just bloggers.  They are creators, geniuses, lifesavers, whatever you want to call them.  They are the teacher bloggers who also create awesome products and make them available to us all.  Either free or paid for, we know what we’re getting is tried and true useable products for our classroom.  They give us what we need.  To you all who do this, this post is for you.

Those of you who make these awesome products really put so much into them.  I have only just started creating things and it tires me out!  What floors me are the ones who create the 10+ page or even the 100+ page products!  Wow!  I know that they don’t just do this all in one night.  There’s no way.  I just recently created 2 things that I’m using in my classroom right now and I did them both in a night and I spent HOURS on them.  Yeah.  Need to plan further ahead on these things.  But I digress…

What I’m getting at is this: Not only do you create these awesome products, then you decided to share them.  Even if you’re making it a paid item, there is a little something that you give as a freebie to entice us.  You sly dogs!  😉  But we all appreciate that!  I know that right now I’m only getting freebies because one we’re living on a tight budget (thank you school loans) and because I know I’ll go hog-wild if I’m allowed to purchase anything.  🙂  My name is Shibahn and I am addicted to teaching products.  🙂  So I’m always so happy when I can get a freebie.  It still lets me be part of the club while keeping my checkbook and husband happy.  What could be better?

Thank you for being creative.  Thank you for allowing that creativity to flow.  Thank you for feeling the need to share it.  Thank you for making it available to others in some way so that more kiddos can be taught more effectively.  Thank you for sharing your love and enthusiasm for our profession.  Thank you for inspiring and encouraging the rest of us.  Just…thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

If you want to know where I’m getting all my great free things, check out Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.  OR you could just look to your right ———> and see who I’m following and check out their stores!  They are wonderful ladies and you will only be impressed with what they do.  It’s because of what they create and share that I’m following them.  They are masters of the trade.  Go check them out and follow them.  Show them love.  They deserve it!

Happy Teaching!












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