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A Fanciful Friday

So today was lots of fun at work!  It was Fancy Nancy Day!  Have you heard of Fancy Nancy?  She is a book character that loves to make everything fancy, especially her words.  No basic words for her!  No sir!  She likes words such as exquisite, spectacular, and terrifying.  She loves to wear fancy clothes and do fancy things.

Fancy Nancy Big Book

Check her out on my book shelf! ——->

So what did I wear on this special, fancy day?  Well, I dusted off my tiara from my wedding, my usual blue jeans (hey it’s Friday and I deserve to be comfortable in my fanciness!), and a top I really don’t get to wear often because…well…I guess I just don’t know what to wear it to.  It seems too fancy for things like church but I’m already rethinking that and planning when to wear it again.  But anyways, back to my fancy outfit!  I threw in a pearl necklace, some sparkly earrings, bangles bracelets, and my “nice” flip flops with jewels on them.  This was the end result:

Ta da!  Aren’t I just regal?  🙂  Oh and that’s the whole point of this…the vocabulary.  It’s not enough that you dress up fancy.  You also have to wear a fancy word.  I chose regal to go with my royal look.  (I thought my pose was rather regal too, don’t you think?)  The students came in wearing all sorts of interesting clothes.  I had everything from tutus to tuxedos with cowboy boots (remember I’m in Texas).  I had words ranging from fruitful to flaxen to fantabulous.  It was so much fun!  Then during their PE time, all the CLAMP teachers took them on a parade through the school.  The other grade levels simply came in the hall if they could/wanted and everyone waved.  I loved seeing my students from the past 2 years walk by when they had their turns as well as seeing the cute little Kinders.  The kids loved it and they got to see so many different words.  Try it at your school then tell me what you think!  Oh and I forgot to mention that the idea came from our reading interventionists as a way to promote vocabulary.  Do you do something like this at your school?  What do y’all do to promote more vocabulary?  Share please!

And to finish off, there is a really neat give away going on right now at this really awesome blog- Heather’s Heart.  She is a fellow Texas teacher who is just such an inspiration in how she teaches her firsties and then works to inspire other teachers through her blog.  Her give away is for 2 winners and they will each get 3 different gift cards.  Whoop!  I am a follower so of course I entered.  I encourage y’all to check her out.  She is one sweet lady and you’ll really enjoy her work.  And enter her Bloggy Blessings Give Away while you’re at it!

Happy Teaching!

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