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Monday Made It

Hey y’all!  I’m back!  I finally get to participate in the awesome Monday Made It linky by Tara at 4th Grade Frolics.  This is not school related but it was crafty.  So I’ll share.  I actually did this at the beginning of the summer the day before I had my son.  I knew I wanted to join up with this great linky that I even took pictures of how I did it.  Go me!  And here it is…

I wanted to find white letters, but Michaels didn’t have enough of what I needed.  So since I only needed the outer edges to be white I decided to go with the natural wood and paint them myself.  Plus I was able to get all the letters I need.  Lol!  Then I picked out some cute scrapbook paper, grabbed a bottle of Modge Podge, and some brushes.  I was all set!  So basically my process was as follows:

I turned the scrapbook paper to the back and flipped the letters backwards and traced them.  I set the paper aside and painted the edges white with acrylics I already had.  While the paint dried, I cut the letters out.  I then coated the front side of the letters with Modge Podge.  PLEASE NOTE: I had never used Modge Podge before this and yet figured it out!  I was always given the impression that it was tricky to use.  Well if it was then I got lucky!  Lol!  I then stuck the paper letter on top with the pattern face up.  After that I coated the top of that with more Modge Podge to seal it.  I made sure to over the edges too.  This way the paper will not come off at all.  Once all that dried I put 3M velcro strips on the back (I did have to cut them to make them fit the letters) and stuck them on the door.  That’s it!  Several hours after completing this I headed to the hospital for baby time.  Yay!

Now I have to say I’m not usually very crafty/creative.  I learned this from Pinterest or somewhere.  But I was proud of myself for doing it.  My mom was impressed!  <insert cheesy smile here!>  But if I can do this then ANYONE can!  Now click the button below to go check out other fabulous Monday Made Its!

Happy Teaching!

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Favorite Pins Friday!!

So part of the reason I haven’t posted much lately is I didn’t want to inundate you with nothing but my 2 book study posts.  I’m behind on those as it is so I’m about to double time it with them.  But in between, I want to have other things.  So I was kind of bummed when Doodle Bugs halted the Fab Five linky party on Fridays.  😦  They were fun and didn’t necessarily involve much thought.  Just pictures and brief talk about them.  Perfect!  So The First Grade Parade has decided to take up the Friday linky party baton for the summer with Favorite Pins Friday!  Hurray!  Something to fill my Fridays as well as feed my Pinterest addiction (which frankly I’ve been neglecting so this is great)!!  So here we go:

Click the button above to see who else did the linky!  I’m just going to do the last 5 pins I did for this week as I haven’t been as diligent a pinner lately.  Gasp!  I know!  I’ll fix it!  I promise!  😉  Click each image to go to the direct post the pin is from.  Pin number 1:

Okay so I follow several Kinder blogs that are doing a book study on the above book and I pinned about this chapter from Kindergarten Smiles (click the image to go to the post) because I liked what she had concerning what to routine to follow for guided reading books.  I’m considering getting this book so I’m pinning my favorite posts on what they share to go back and reference for later.  🙂

Pin number 2:

Same chapter, different blog.  Kinder-Craze had a good post about the same thing so I pinned that to have another perspective.  Really good posts!

Pin number 3:
So Nicole over at Teaching with Style! started a new blog called Whole Brain Teaching with Style! to go along with her WBT studies she is currently doing.  This was a great post with a fabulous freebie.  I had to pin it of course!  Go visit both her blogs!  They’re great!

Pin number 4:
Jennifer over at Simply Kinder had this great free pacing guide to download that is good for any grade level.  I downloaded but I also like to pin these things just in case something happens.  You just never know!  Cute monsters too!  🙂

Pin number 5:

This is a linky that a bunch of blogs are participating in and this particular one came from First Grade Garden.  It was on picture books to help with math.  Yep.  Always need those.  So I pinned.  🙂

So there you have it!  The last five pins I did this week!  Pretty much anything I pin I love.  It’s why I pin.  😉  So There were a lot more but I want to be more aggressive in my pins for both work and home so hopefully next week you’ll see a greater variety.  🙂  Oh and you can follow me on Pinterest to see what else I have.  Click here.  Have a great Friday everyone!!

Happy Teaching!


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