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Helloooooo? Anyone out there? Five for Friday

Howdy!  No your computer is not broken.  Yes you are seeing correctly.  I’m blogging.  Have you picked yourself up off the floor yet?  You have?  Good!  I wanted to kind of explain my absence and what I’ve been up to and decided to do that through Doodle Bugs Teaching’s weekly Five for Friday linky.  Warning- this will be a bunch of randomness.  But then again, that’s how my school year went so it seems appropriate… (click the title below to view other Five for Friday posts)


So my year was starting out pretty good.  Until it didn’t.  Family situation came up that put us in a bit of tailspin.  It was definitely interesting trying to get back on our feet and get school going.  But God is amazing and so is my family.  We pulled through.  So here I am holding Bert…

Yes Bert is a snake!  He lives with our reading specialist and he’s over 20 years old.  He’s a California King Snake, a type of constrictor and he came to visit to show us how snakes eat.  And I captured it on video.  Very interesting to watch.  But I won’t gross y’all out.  Needless to say the kiddos loved it!  We try to have him come every year.

Shortly after Bert came, my husband and I discovered something…

A new little Landry was on the way!  Thankfully, I was due at the end of the school year.  This being my second, I figured I had this handled.  But I had my first 5 years ago.  I forgot how exhausting pregnancy could be.  This little one quickly reminded me!  So I then had to drag myself to school despite bone-deep exhaustion and your other typical pregnancy symptoms.  But it was all worth it!

The year went on.  I felt as though I did not do as well with my stations like the year before.  I was on fire then!  This year, for some reason just seemed overwhelming.  But I managed to pull it together…

Here we have the 100th Day of School.  We had fun at our stations that day.  I truly did have stations going all year.  It just felt like harder work this time around.

I had to show this one off as it was my favorite bulletin board this year…

My team decided to do a theme for our whole hallway for Texas Public School Week- “Deep in the Heart of Texas”!  So we all had a verse from the song.  This was my line.  I was really pleased with how sharp this looked.  Thank goodness for my Cricut!

The school year continued without too much incident.  My kiddos and I, we took care of each other.  The last week of school was so hard physically.  You see, I was due the day AFTER school got out!  There was a lot of question as to whether or not I’d make it.  Well technically I did.  I ended up missing the last day due to a false alarm.  <insert really big sad face here> But I was already done.  Completely.  Including my room.  So it wasn’t too bad.  However, Baby Landry still took his time…

He came a week later!  Here is Mr. Landry along with our first holding the new addition.  Our little family is quite pleased with the new baby and we cannot get enough of him!  Needless to say, from that point on to right now, our lives have been a bit consumed by this tiny addition.  I’m only just now able to get a sort of routine down to attempt getting ready for this year.  And yes, I’m starting back with everyone else.  So I’m hoping that this next year is better in every way for me- personally and professionally.  I have truly missed working on this little blog of mine and I hope to give it lots more attention from now on.

Happy Teaching!


Five for Friday…on a Sunday morning

Well I’m a little late on this. On the verge of a lot late. But this is the last one of the summer so when I realized that I decided I needed to get going on this. So here we go!!

Just click the above button to go see other great blogs that have linked up! Now for picture number 1:

So I’ve started running again. I’m working for the ultimate goal of doing a half marathon but right now I’m just trying to get back into things after years of not running so it’s back to working towards a 5k. So right now I’m doing a combo of running and walking. Now remember I live in East Texas. Home of high heat AND humidity. Hence the sweaty nastiness of me. I had taken a picture of myself after my first run for my mom. After that, I just kept doing it. It’s like telling myself I can do this. Corny I know. But it works. Although, I ran on Thursday and forgot to take a picture of myself. This is from Monday. Morning. Yep. Humidity early in the morning. But at least the air is cool and I felt great!

So this week was VBS and I was the music leader. I taught the kiddos the songs, dances, and basically started and closed each day. I loved it! This was my stage. Top picture was on the first night. Bottom picture was on the last night. The wonderful set makers added a little something more each night and everyone loved it! I know I did!

So this is my baby. Isn’t she cute?! So VBS was in the evenings and we had a couple of playdates during the day. She always went to each playdate happy as you see there. And we when we left…totally crashed. 🙂 I just loved how she looked in her sunglasses!

So I was at Target in the dollar section (a teacher’s best friend!) when I saw these. I’m contemplating getting some in both colors as they match my room. I have some of the smaller tin buckets but not really enough for what I wanted- little trash pails for paper scraps when my kiddos had to cut things out. Rather than have them go back and forth to the trash can or recycle box, each group would have a bucket. The theory works but my smaller tin buckets don’t. I think I want these bigger plastic ones and find a new purpose for the others. I think I have a new item for my school supply list. Hmmmm…

So at VBS a nest of new baby birds was discovered! Every time we would go up to look at them they would start opening their beaks looking for food. So cute! And the kitten was 1 of 2 that popped up. Both were very friendly and loved following all the kids. Thankfully one of the families took them to their family farm to become mouse hunters. We didn’t want them to get hit by a car or anything. They really added to the whole VBS experience!

So there you have it! My week in a nutshell! I’m kind of glad this is the last Five for Friday until August as July is going to be boring in comparison. I’ve got nothing going. This is a good thing. I need to give more attention to this house. So anyways…

Happy Teaching!


May 3 Five for Friday

Well it’s Friday.  That means it’s time for…

YAY!!  Let’s get started!

Okay first up, I think my tea leaves were trying to tell me something.  I drink hot tea almost every morning and many times I don’t get to make it until I get to school.  Thankfully our new principal got us a Keurig for the office!!!  So anyways as I was checking BEACH Books and trying to eat my breakfast and drink my tea, I looked down and saw the smiley face.  And yes my Monday went pretty smooth!  🙂

Next up is our new classroom toy.  I finally got my act together and got the classroom iPad up and running for the kiddos.  They love it!!  I’m going to do a separate post on that later and I’ll go into better detail what the rules are all about.  But I wrote them out and went through them and let me tell you something…no problems so far!  They love this thing!  I love that I still have my personal iPad to use at my table while the kiddos in stations have one to use.  I’ll share pictures of them in action on my special iPad post later.  🙂

Thirdly, I decided it was time to really teach my kiddos how to write friendly letters.  So first I started with the book above.  One of my absolute favorites!!!!  I remember hearing my teacher read this in elementary school (wait…does that date me at all?!) and when I got into college I was determined to have it!  Now whenever I start my friendly letter unit, I always start with this book as it’s got so many examples of different types of letters.

Then I showed the kiddos how to write a letter as well as what the different parts are.  The above anchor chart was an inspiration from a pin I have on one of my boards.  Go here to see the pin.  Next week we’ll really get into the writing part of it.  I’ll post more on that as it develops.

Fourth up, I…finished…DIBELS!!!!  I finished up this week and I’m so glad all my reading benchmarks are done!  Next week we start our math benchmarks (AIMSWeb) but that’s not as tedious as listening to the same 3 stories 20 times.  Hence the chocolate.  Once I got to the last 3 kiddos, I used each section to keep me awake and alert.  Horrible I know but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  😉

And last but not least I leave you with this cute little story by one of my kiddos.  He was at stations and was doing what looked like graphic organizers of some sort.  Then he called me over to show me what he did.  He remembered one of our stories from a while back in our reading program “The Tree” from Poppleton Forever.  Basically it’s a story about a pig that plants a tree and does everything to take care of it but it gets sick.  After trying to figure out what it needs to no avail, Poppleton asks a friend.  They figure out that the tree needs birds.  So he puts a bird feeder in the tree, the birds come, the tree gets better.  Well apparently this little loved that story because this is what his said (with this exact spellings too):

There were a few trees.

But Poplton hade to pick 1 uv his frafrits.

It was a hard disjn.

But he finly made his disjn.

The End

Cute right?!  He was so proud of what he did!  I loved the way he wrote it out.  It’s times like this that remind me why I do what I do!  I love my job!!!!

Happy Teaching!


Last Five for Friday in April

Can you believe today is the last Friday of the month?!  Where has the time gone?  I have 5 Monday’s left (which means 6 Tuesdays but who cares?).  No I’m not counting.  Not at all.  😉  So I was looking back at my pictures from this week…Yeah not much there.  That’s all due in part to testing.  I finished TPRI and have moved on to DIBELS.  But then I also helped out 3rd grade and gave the STAAR test to a couple of students.  (Geez…all these acronyms makes me feel like I’m back in my Army brat days…too bad I can’t go to the PX anymore!)  So yeah…I’ve been busy.  But I’m bound and determined to participate in Doodle Bugs Teaching weekly Five for Friday linky so I’m going to start my weekly happenings with last Friday actually.  So here we go…

(click the image to go see other great posts in the linky)

So Friday was totally awesome!  Well the end part of it was for sure, although that school day wasn’t bad at all.  🙂  Friday was Relay for Life in the local community and I was a member of my school’s team.  The highlight of the evening?  I was there WITHOUT my personal child OR husband!  Now please know that I love them dearly and love spending every moment I can with them.  But ever since my husband started his masters program about 2 years ago, I’ve rarely been alone.  While not a bad thing, I enjoyed being out there on my own not needing to look over my shoulder ever 2 seconds looking for my small one or wondering what my hubby was doing.  I just enjoyed!  And as you can see…

I went a little crazy and sprayed my hair frightening colors.  😀  It was our little fundraiser while we were there- spray your hair for a dollar.  I was the walking advertisement.  It worked!  I was spraying hair left and right!  I have a knack for creating polka-dots, zigzags, and other random designs with colored hairspray is seems.  But overall the whole night was touching and fun at the same time!  Relay for Life is a great organization!

Next up is this lovely illustration done by a student on an assignment.  I think she followed directions well!

It certainly made me laugh outright when I was grading that stack of papers earlier this week!  My husband thought I had gone nuts!  🙂

Then Monday being Earth Day, we spent the week talking about recycling and natural resources.  Today we capped things off with a project on how important trees are to us.  They had a list of items that come from trees and they drew a tree and cut the lists apart to glue the items on.  I challenged them further by trying to put the items on the part of the tree that they came from- trunk for furniture, etc.  It was a great way to end the week!

And start next week  for those that need to finish…

Then we have this here:

Here are those fact family flowers I talked about in a previous post.  This is my class combined with my doormate’s.  We share a lot.  🙂  Anyways, as the kiddos completed their flowers and we checked for correctness (good thing too- they forgot fact families!), we hung them up.  This little green valley is not bursting with blooms!  Definitely adds a good color on those stark white walls!

Now I’ll leave you with this…

My daughter vacuuming dried up play-doh before heading off to bed.  I was honestly surprised she did it because she usually runs from that thing and the regular vacuum…I smell a new chore for this child!  😉  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Teaching!

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Five for Friday

So I thought I’d try this Five for Friday by Doodle Bugs Teaching as everyone is doing it and it looks like fun!  Click the button above to go see other great Five for Friday posts.  So here we go…

So this week was ITBS testing week and it was brutal.  We tested for 4 days and my room had to be covered so that the kiddos couldn’t get any help.  Made for a slightly gloomy week and a little crazy too.  Thursday, after the last test was completed, I started pulling the coverings off the walls and the kids acted like I was unwrapping giant Christmas gifts.  Ahhh to have such simple pleasures in life!  I’ve got some more paper to take down but that involves climbing on a footstool or chair.  I’ll do it Monday.  😛

I have a fun fact family craftivity in my math stations right now.  You can read all about it as well as get all the materials for it here.  This was created by one of my kiddos.  She did so good!  I’m combining my kids’ with those of my doormate’s class on a field scene on our wall across from our classrooms.  That field will covered with beautiful fact family flowers!

I was super impressed with this kiddo’s reasoning to this problem.  We’re doing another addition unit and we were learning about facts called doubles plus one- like 7+6.  You double the smallest part (6) and then add 1 more.  He did a great job giving  his reasons and of course I always love their creative spellings!  😉

Today was no testing for the first time all week!  So I decided that for our reading time, since we didn’t have anything structured to do, we’d explore the world of Laura Numeroff and we read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Pig a Party.  I then had the kiddos write their own If You Give a… stories and they did great!  I’ll be doing a separate post on that so be sure to check back later!

Finally, it was an absolutely, down right perfect day outside.  My doormate and I are doing our end of the year ritual of rewarding those who don’t move their clips down all week with lunch with us.  This keeps them motivated a little more as we wind the year down and they start to go, as some of my favorite bloggers use, cray-cray.  😉  Today (and everyday that is weather appropriate) we dined outside at the picnic tables there in front of the swings (if you can see them).  It was so nice having that relaxing time with them.  Of course I forgot my keys to get us back in the building so that made for an interesting experience of knocking on doors until someone heard us.  😛

So there you have it!  My Five for Friday!  How was your week?

Happy Teaching!


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