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It’s Currently July!

Wow!  2 days in a row for me!  Twice in one week!  Definitely loooooooove being back!  And I love it when Farley does her Currently Linky!  Click her button below to go see her post as well as others!

Listening- My son is happily playing with whatever toys he can that makes as much noise as possible.  Definitely a boy in this household!  Lol!

Loving- Okay so at the end of the year, my house becomes SORELY neglected as I only concentrate on getting school finished.  Now that I can give it some TLC I’m loving that if someone walks in, there will be no dust bunny tumbleweeds blowing by.  😉

Thinking- Well as I type this the storm has started.  I’m in East Texas where it rained for literally the entire month of May.  Lots of flooding here.  And while the river is still very swollen and flooded, it’s been so hot that the plants need more rain.  So this storm is sort of welcome- waters the plants, cools things down, BUT keeps us stuck inside.  Luckily my kiddos are resourceful!

Wanting- So I kinda got the BEST gift during teacher appreciation week.  It’s kinda a free massage for 1 WHOLE HOUR!!!!  It helps that my student’s momma owns the place, ya know.  Now I’m really wanting to make my appointment and enjoy an hour of nothing but ME.  Just gotta get the kiddos situated…

Needing- Okay so the entire house isn’t clean.  We won’t discuss the master bedroom, bathroom, or our study.  The study is our next big project.  While I’m all for working in comfort, I do actually enjoy sitting at my desk to work; not on my couch hunched over the coffee table.  So yeah, that is our next big to do.  Then I’ll be able to start organizing files that are long overdue for it and getting ready next year.

All Star- So my next door neighbors are going through a sad time right now.  They have been awesome, awesome neighbors for us.  We help each other out- watch pets, get mail while on vacation, etc.  Well now I’m just working to be there when they need us.  Not pushing, nagging, showing up all the time.  Just being a presence.  And you know what? It’s working.  This is not the first time I’ve done this.  It’s just nice that it works.

What are you currently up to?  See what I did there?!  Hahaha!

Happy Teaching!


Currently August

Wow.  It’s August.  I think this meme pretty much sums up how teachers feel about August…

Fun in First had that on her FB page and I was like YES!  But while that may make us depressed to a point, it’s also exciting.  New kiddos!  I’m ready for a great year after the slightly rocky, not quite there year I just had.  So I’m working to get myself PUMPED UP!

And while I ‘m at it, I’m linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for the August Currently!

Listening- My 7 week old (yikes!!!!) is starting to sleep in longer stretches through the night.  Yay!  So while he’s sleeping I’m blogging.  The sound of him breathing as he sleeps is just so sweet.  Sigh… 🙂

Loving- This is awesome!  It didn’t look like I was going to be able to get into my classroom until after the 12th so yeah…I’m EXCITED!

The rest pretty much speaks for itself.  🙂  So click the button below and go read more great Currently posts!

Happy Teaching!


Currently March

I’m baaack!  Yes I know.  I hinted that back in January.  So moving on!  I’m linking up with Farley for another monthly Currently.  She’s had a blog makeover and it looks awesome!  Go check her out!

So let’s do this!Listening- So I’m way behind the times and finally read the series this last summer.  Being a sucker for a good love story I got hooked.  Then my wonderful husband decided to aid my new addiction and bought me the complete series on Blu-Ray.  It’s taking me forever to do this post because I’m watching so intently.  Try to focus…try to focus…

Loving- I think spring weather is coming to East Texas and I’m loving it!  While we didn’t have the snow that most teachers I follow got (or my parents for that matter) but we did get ice.  Let me tell you.  East Texans and ice do not mix.  At all.  Simple as that.  So needless to say that this warm weather is a welcomed thing!

Thinking- I need to file papers.  Both at school and at home.  It’s getting bad.  In both places.  Hoping to get a good jump on it during spring break.  We shall see…

Wanting- How many of us just want one day?  One day.  Sigh…

Needing- If I can feel it on my neck, it’s time to cut.  Loving my short hair!????- Why this number?

Well that’s it.  I’m getting things prepped for next week and I’m going to share.  I know!  Shocking!  But I promise.  I’ll share.  🙂  So anyways go click Farley’s button above and read some other great blogs!  See y’all soon!

Happy Teaching!


Currently January

Yep.  It’s January.  And I’ve been MIA for a while.  Let’s just say life took some unexpected turns both great and challenging and so several things normally on my list (like blogging) had to take a back seat for a while.  But I’m back (hopefully!) and starting the year out with Farley’s Currently!  Sooooo…

So let’s see…  Listening is pretty self-explanatory.  I’m up late and everyone else is sleeping.  Thankfully the husband doesn’t snore.  The dog on the other hand can really saw some logs!  Although tonight is a quiet night.  🙂

Loving- My husband has been working on his masters for the past 2 years and just before Christmas he finished everything completely.  Yay!!!!!  And he did it with excellent grades throughout while we dealt with some super challenges (i.e. our house- read here).  Double Yay!!!!!  Now my daughter and I can enjoy him again as a normal person and he can relax.  Triple Yay!!!!

Thinking- So I’ve got a lot of goals I want to accomplish this year.  Like most people at the start of the new year.  So I guess I need to start a list to help me out.  No problem there.  I like lists.  And crossing things off my lists as they get done.  🙂

Wanting- Need I say anything more?

Needing- Yeah…

Memory and/or Tradition- So my child asked Santa for a guitar.  So Santa got one that was pretty cheap from Toys R Us.  That’s when Santa discovered how cheap it was.  So what did Santa do?  Santa decided that a better one was needed.  Only problem, it was DAYS AWAY FROM CHRISTMAS!!!!  YIKES!!!!! So after much searching and thinking and questioning, Santa found a real ukelele that fit the bill and the child.  The look on her face when she opened that special gift told us that Santa hit the nail on the head.  Nice job Santa!!

Well there you have it!  You can go visit Farley to see other great Currently posts.  I’m hoping to be sticking around more and sharing all the ideas swimming in my head (that never really stopped) as well as just what’s been happening in the Land of Learning.  Until next time!

Happy Teaching!


Currently July

Hey lookee here!!  I’m on time for something!!  😉  So Farley is doing her famous linky called Currently and I, of course, just hhhhhaaaaaddddd to join in!  Sooooooo… Here you go!

Listening- I’m doing this very early in the morning and right now my hubby is getting ready for work.  Poor him!  He also doesn’t feel good so that makes it harder.  The dog likes to kind of grunt whine in the mornings and he was squeaking on his favorite squeaky bone.  If he wakes the child up he may be missing a tail…Kidding I think!  😉

Loving- So while I really dislike the cleaning part, I am starting to like the unpacking and then redecorating my house.  The cleaning part is from all the clutter that keeps accumulating from not having places to put the stuff.  Yet.  Oh and my sister is coming in a couple of weeks to help me paint and do other things to make my house look purdy.  🙂

Thinking- I missed my weekend run.  Bummer.  😦  I had better get my rear in gear and go tonight.

Wanting- I hate cleaning bathrooms.  If I could only afford one chore to be done, I would have a maid just for the bathrooms.  I really don’t mind doing the rest.  Definitely in dreamland over here…

Needing- I finally managed to buy an external hard drive last night.  Now I need to get my files organized and start transferring them onto it.  I’ve had too many close calls where a hard drive starts to crash but then comes on just long enough for me to save my files.  I may not get luck again and I refuse to lose my pictures and all the free teacher stuff I’ve accumulated.  I refuse.  Okay.  Off the rant…

Tips, tricks, or hints- So I’ve come to learn in this blogging experience that I need and want to do this for myself.  Especially since I’m not a constant creator and seller, I have to just blog from my experiences and goals.  And you know what?  I think it’s working.  I mean I’ve got followers and thanks to Blog Lovin (are you following me btw?!) they are growing.  I know I’ll always have one.  😉  Thanks Mom!  But what I’m getting at is if you do it for yourself, you’ll put more into it which draws more people.  I’ve had a rough start to this experience.  And I thought I’d end up quitting.  But I didn’t like NOT blogging.  So here I am!

Well that’s my Currently!  Click the button below to go see others!

Happy Teaching!


Currently May

So May is here.  I’m happy.  The year is almost done.  I love my kiddos.  But they are becoming more and more fried.  We all need the summer.  But I’m going off track!  It’s the first of the month (okay technically the second) so let’s kick it off the right way with Farley’s Currently linky!  (click the link to see other great currently posts!)

Listening- I’m busy cutting out laminating for new stations and have my random shows that I DVR running while I work.  I’ve watched a plethora of shows the past 3 days.  It’s either this or music…

Loving- Summer is almost here.  While I’m not that excited about the extreme Texas heat I’m sure we’re going to get, it’s still exciting knowing that the season is in sight.  We are all needing a break right now.  We can survive!  20 days!

Thinking- I am soooooooo proud of my husband!  He’s been working hard at his full-time job, being a daddy, a husband, and a student.  This weekend, I’m proud to say he’s graduating with his master’s degree in psychology.  Another year of course work and then he’s ready for his state license.  He can do this!  (I can do this too!)  He’s done so well in his program- excellent grades and has been impressing his professors.  What I love is watching him realize how smart he is.  🙂  The teacher in me is beaming for him!  I just hope his professors realize the impact they are having on him (it’s all online so we’ll meet them for the first time this weekend).

Wanting- I really need to put the hair cut on the need part.  It’s so long.  I usually have short.  But I started growing it out for the weddings I was in the past year and then my husband begged me to grow it out more.  And I’ve always wanted to donate my hair to Locks for Love.  I’m needing the hair cut, but wanting a spa day.  🙂  I need a massage.

Needing- I feel like I’m doing more catch up than I am looking ahead.  Correction.  I am doing more catch up than looking ahead.  I’m still behind.  So this summer I’m working to fix that.  Fingers crossed.

Summer Bucket List- my house is still not fully unpacked as now we have to have tile floors replaced as they were damaged during renovations (this replacement really should have been done BEFORE we moved back in but the contractor got sneaky and I’m going to stop before I blow a gasket…).  So once they are done I can finally unpack everything.  My sister will be coming to help me paint and then the real fun of decorating can begin!  I’ve yet to go to the Houston Zoo and I’ve lived in the Houston area for over 6 years.  And I’ve been in and out of Houston as a kid.  What gives?  No clue.  Working to correct that.  🙂  And I M-I-S-S scrapbooking!  I’m part of a club that meets every month and I’ve not been able to go for quite some time as my husband has to study and I have to keep the child occupied.  So I’m hoping that maybe I can go once twice over the summer.  AND/OR I get the study cleaned up and be able to scrapbook at home.  So many projects await…Sigh…

So there you have it!  Tune back in soon!  I’ve got a freebie or 2 for you if you do!  😉

Happy Teaching!


Currently April

Well I’m a little late but it’s still the first!  I’m just late in the day.  😉  See how I worked that?  😉  So I’m linking up with Farley over at Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for her monthly currently.  I’ve missed doing these while I was in transition.  So without further ado…

Listening- My husband was watching.  I’m just sitting here working…sort of…more like blogging.  😉

Loving- We are back in our house and while it’s still not put together (work keeps getting in the way), we are just content to be here.  My family is happy.  Makes me happy.  🙂

Thinking- I’ve got some ideas rolling around.  I’m trying to see if I’ve got the courage and/or ability to pull them off.  I’ll let you know if anything happens.

Wanting- My poor babies.  I’ve got some that just keep getting sick.  My asthma sufferers can’t seem to catch a break and the rest of them have the usual germs to fight.  I honestly can’t remember the last time all my kids were in my room 2 days in a row for the WHOLE day.  😦  This makes for interesting time trying to get work caught up and such.  Hoping they get better as the weather warms!

Needing- Pretty self-explanatory.  Being ahead would just really make things easier.

Advice- I got this piece of advice while at a workshop for something.  The presenter could see the looks in our eyes that we were going to try to use all the new ideas and it was the middle of the year!  So he quickly said make 1 or 2 large goals and several very small goals.  Do not add on to those until the current ones are completed.  So don’t overwhelm yourself!

So anyways there’s my currently!  Go check out Farley’s blog for more great Currently posts!

Happy Teaching


Currently… still here!

Wow!  Okay I can’t believe how much time has flown!  I am also still trying to get the license plate of the truck called the last couple of weeks.  Whew!  If it’s not been stuff going on at work, it’s been the house.  We are so ready to have the house back and be somewhat normal.  I want to cook meals again and have things put away properly…Okay drifting.  It will come.  This post is just to reaffirm my status as living and to participate in Farley’s Currently over at Oh Boy 4th Grade.  Here we go:

My husband has interesting television interests.  To each his own!

Today was the first day in many days that we had nowhere to be!  So I spent most of the day in my jammies!  Loved it!

However, a day spent in pajamas usually means a day in which no real work gets done.  So yeah…

And can I just say that I hate grading papers?  Oh…I just did?  Hmmmm…

Yeah cleaning and grading keep nagging me…

My pet peeve is one that happens occasionally and drives me batty!  I get distracted from the extra noise!  I’m talking about a situation where it’s supposed to be one person talking and everyone listening.  If someone one else is talking, humming, or something I can’t concentrate.  Sheesh!

So anyways, go check out Farley’s page here to see other currently postings!




Hello all!  So I’m linking up with Farley over at Oh’ Boy 4th Grade! to contribute her monthly currently linky.  So here we go!

Listening- I have an app of relaxing sounds and music and once I found one that worked to put the small one to sleep I am never without it!

Loving- My parents came to Texas!  Along with my younger brothers.  We were only missing my two sistsers and their spouses (yes there are A LOT of us!).  But we got some great quality time together so all is good!  Oh and we had fun with my husband’s family too!

Thinking- I didn’t realize how many quarters I DIDN’T have.  Oh well.  The hubby will get more this evening and I’ll resume the laundry exodus tomorrow!

Wanting- Well I’m getting anxious as they are alomost done with the house!  Waiting for paint and everything to be put back together and then we move back ove back in!

Needing- Enough said.  😉

One Little Word- Something I’ve been wanting lately and didn’t realize it until it hit me one day.  So I’m just striving to keep things cool, calm, and simple.

So that’s me currently!  What are you doing currently?  Tell me!  Tell me!  Oh and check out the other currentlies from other bloggers as well as link up yourself!


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