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Howdy, howdy!

Time has really slipped away from me.  I took lots of great pictures from our Dr. Seuss week and I WILL share with you!  It was too cute and fun not to!  Besides, we ended the week with Stick Horse Rodeo and that was so much fun!  Y’all need to see what you missed!  But in the mean time, here’s what we’re up to this week:

First up is math.  We are going to working on fractional parts- i.e. parts of a set and parts of a whole.  Since this will be a generally new concept (actually teaching it besides seeing it on Lone Star Math- more on that later) I’m not ready for this to be in my stations.  Stations need to be as independent as possible as I’m working with a small group.  So I keep the stations to all previously learned topics.  I’ll do a post about how math block is done in my room/school a little later.  Now, while we are doing fractional parts during learning time, math stations is going to be tricked out in St. Patrick’s Day!  This is like the first time I since I started teaching that remember being at school on this green day so I’m excited!  So here’s the line up:

In bucket number 1 I’ve got the following:

Now this has a math and a literacy station and I’m using both.  So happy about this!  The math station is matching up subtraction sentences that have the same difference.  This is great because my kiddos definitely need subtraction practice and we’re going to be doing another addition and subtraction unit after fractional parts.  I’ll explain the literacy station below.  Click the image to go get it yourself!  🙂

In bucket number 2 we have:

I love Heather!  She was one of the first blogs I ever started following and have loved reading her journey through teaching!  This is another combo math and literacy pack which is another win for me!  For math I’m doing the Lucky Math Sort where they sort number sentences by their answers- equal to 6, less than 6, greater than 6.  Love it!  And yes the literacy station will be featured below.  🙂  Click the image to go grab this great set and leave Heather some love!

Bucket number 3:

Who doesn’t love Ashley Hughes?!  I love all her work!  I love how this will help my kiddos keep on their graphing toes.  I laminated the dice and then folded them up.  Hopefully the kiddos will be gentle with them.  If they are, I’ll just remove the tape to store them flat.  Fingers crossed it works!  Click the image to snag this up!

Bucket number 4:

Just another great chance for my kiddos to practice their addition and subtraction skills.  I can tell some really need it.  Click the image to get this yourself!

Bucket number 5:

Now I was a very lucky girl with this one!  Michelle at Teach123 did a giveaway for this great new pack and I won!  Woohoo!  You can click the image to go this yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!  While it was created for older kiddos, I was able to use bits and pieces to take care of a bucket so I’m happy!  🙂

Bucket number 6:

Okay no this one isn’t St. Patrick’s Day.  I know.  But this activity is exactly what I wanted for my kiddos.  Money can never stop now that it’s learned.  Who agrees with me?  It was a concept that many had to work really hard to learn and I’m not about to let their hard work go away.  Some are still struggling with it.  And since the first day of spring comes this week (on my sister’s birthday no less!) I knew it was a perfect fit!  Click the image to go get it!

So that’s math.  What about reading?  Well we use HM Journeys, Texas edition.  We are on lesson 20.  We will be covering compound words, cause and effect, prepositional words and phrases (so hard too!), and continuing to improve our fluency rates.  We were blessed to get the flip chart stations that went with the program so that took care of 3 stations right there.  I will explain my reading block in another post as that is such a big animal by itself.  Again, I prefer to use my stations as a review to help with the independence.  But some do cover the skills we are currently learning.  That’s mainly the flip charts and spelling station.  But some of the other stations I will be using include the following:

Pocket Chart- Rainbow Antonyms out of the Lotsa Luck St. Patrick’s Day Centers pack mentioned above.  This is for review.

Word Work- Lucky Leprechaun Order out of the March Freebie Fun mentioned above.  They are putting March words in ABC order.  Another great review skill some of my kiddos need.

Word Wall- now this one I’m really struggling with this one for some reason.  Right now I pick one of the words and just give them the letters.  They have to figure out my “mystery word” and turn in their guess.  Those that guess right get a ticket (more on that later).  They are also finding all the 6-lettered words and writing them down.  I want more for this station but I’ll just have to continue brainstorming and looking through the resources I’ve got.  I’ll get there eventually!  🙂

Read the Room- I found this great activity from Stephany Dillon on TPT and I’m changing it to be read the room.  Instead of them just sorting the cards in one spot, they will travel the room and write their sort on the recording sheet.  This is a review from our last Journeys lesson.  They really need this.  Click the image below to go get it!

I’ve pulled a couple other activities for my small groups to work on as well.  Since this post is already so so long, I’ll wait and share what I’m using where in a day or two.  I’ll try to make those visual plans next time around.  So there’s my week!  Hope your week is good if you are not on spring break!  And if you are on spring break- enjoy!!

Happy Teaching!

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Where have you been?!

Yes you’re looking at your computer screen correctly.  No I promise this is not a mirage.  I’m really here.  No seriously.  It’s really me. 🙂

My goodness have I missed y’all!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted ANYTHING!  But it’s not like I don’t have a good excuse.  In the pictures below you’ll get an idea of what I have been up to in my long, extended absence.  Add that to the fact that I worried about burn out before I reached summer vacation and you have a blogger on hold.  This year has been a roller coaster for me just at home.  That’s not even including what has happened in the classroom.  Yikes!  I’m hoping that now that things have settled down, I’ll be able to get back into things and really get this blog moving and grooving in a big way.

So first, a little bit about the happenings during my absence.

Alrighty starting at the top and going left to right:

  • First 2 small ones on top of each other are my living room.  We shoved my kitchen into so we could have new tile laid.  Long story short it should have been done before we moved in but I just won’t go there.  The large sheet of plastic is to keep the dust of demoing the old floor from spreading.  My hubby and I slept on the couches as our room was blocked off.  Fun.  I was without a kitchen for a week.  Sigh…
  • Next up, so far my only casualty from this whole moving around ordeal.  1 corningware dish.  No biggie.  Easily replaced.
  • Gorgeous, fragrant magnolia flower a kiddo gave me.  I could not help but smell that thing all day.  Loved it!
  • My last bulletin board of the year!  We did Surf Buddies by Corinna Gandara over at TPT (follow the link- it’s free!) and I had the kiddos tell me what they wanted to do over the summer.  It turned out great!  Such an easy activity!
  • Right underneath that I ordered a clipart CD from D.J. Inkers with a deal from Educents!  It was so easy and I’m glad I waited to use that $15 gift card from their start up promotion.  I can’t wait to use the CD!
  • Okay the next 2 pictures and the next 2 on the bottom row are all from the last day of school.  So I teach at a very small school outside the city, specifically on a prairie.  It’s a tradition that some upper classmen boys ride their horses to school.  So cool!  I was finally able to get photo evidence for those off the prairie that never believe me.  And just as I snapped, one large kiddo decided to STAND on the saddle while riding (I hope you can see that).  Scared me but it was still cool.  Then there’s my empty room and my overstuffed storage spot.  I hate packing up.  😦
  • After that the next four pictures.  My hair.  I have been growing it out for some time.  I even mentioned cutting it to donate here.  So yeah.  I finally did it!  Love my new do!!  Sending hair in to charity soon!
  • And then lastly, my parents came in for the weekend after school let out.  This is my dad and my daughter playing a very serious game of This Little Piggy.  Loved every moment with them!

So yeah.  Glad that’s all behind me now!  Now to look at the future!  One of the things I’m super excited about are a couple of book studies being hosted at some other blogs I follow (or will be following very shortly here).  More on that later.

So as I’m wrapping all this up and getting ready to look to the future, I realized something.  My blog is a year old.  Over a year old technically (if you’re counting the days).  While it’s not as big some of my favorites and I don’t have a shop anywhere (I’ll say yet because you just never know…), I have to say I’m proud of my little blog here.  I’ve got some followers and I’ve got new passion in what I do.  I think my intentions behind this project are being met.  I’m taking this venture very slowly so y’all bear with me!

Anyways, in light of my blog-iversary (and the fact that you’re still reading…I hope), I’ve got a couple of freebies that I made and used in my classroom this year.  I know it’s way late in the game for these, but there’s always next year!  Anyways, I hope you enjoy them and please leave me a comment if they work for you!

Classroom Freebies Manic MondayStay tuned for new things to come!

Happy Teaching!


If you give a …

Okay wow.  This week just flew by.  I’ve been trying to get this post done since Sunday and something (or me falling asleep) keeps getting my attention away for this.  Gotta work on that…

So Friday was our only non-testing day of last week.  Finally.  This meant we had our full reading block but I had nothing structured or really set up that we had to do.  So I decided that since my kiddos had worked themselves so hard, I would do a fun project.  I went to my bookshelf to see what might inspire me.  Then I saw them.  My Laura Numeroff books If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Pig a Party.  Then I just knew what I wanted to do.  I would read the books to them and then let them write their own stories starting with the phrase, “If you give a ________ a ______, then he/she will want…”  So I went home to think about how we were going to do this.

I thought about making a template for them to follow but I couldn’t seem to figure out how (I’m still figuring out this product making stuff) so I decided we’d just go for it.  So I read the stories to them.  And then we discussed how the story came back to where it started.  So then I told them the big news…They were going to get to write their own in their groups!  They were floored and couldn’t wait!  Yes my students are weird…they love to write.  You can imagine what our 10 minutes of writing workshop is like!  😉  So anyways…

Now I did not just turn them loose.  I gave them an example.  Which is right here (please don’t laugh!):

Remember this is only an example- hence the messing writing.  I kept it short and sweet so that they would get some good writing time in.  My point was how I looped it back to where I started.  So then I set the parameters- no copying the books I read or my story!  I then set them loose as shown here:

I somehow didn’t get pictures of all my groups.  I missed one.  Not sure how…  So they worked!  They were busy the whole time and loved it!  I circled and observed and conferenced where needed.  They really did all the work.  They worked well together which really made me happy.  Whenever there started to be a dispute I just told them that they wouldn’t like what I would suggest if they didn’t come to an agreement.  That’s all I had to say!  By the end of the school day (one or two of the groups needed to finish during reading stations time) all the books were done and they were so happy!

TA-DA!!!!!  So proud of them!!  Their books are now in the Library Station (they begged me to put them there) and they are loving the chance they now have to read those books.  🙂  So I’ve gotta just share one of the books that a group wrote.  Now their connections are not always obvious but what I’m proud of is that it’s their writing.  They did this and they are so proud of themselves.  So enjoy the story:

(If you give a parrot some pumpkin pie)

(Look at those contractions!  Oh and the ellipses!)

(Yes I know the sentence structure is not exactly there…they were just so busy getting the words down!)

The end!!

So there you have it!  It took a lot for me to just let them go and not control every aspect of it.  Then it would not have been as much fun and they probably never would have finished these things.  So I’m super proud of my kiddos and then just proud of myself for just letting them enjoy it.  And believe me…they did!

So how about you?  Have you ever just let something go and let your students just do it?  Please share!  And thanks for stopping by!!

Happy Teaching!

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It has begun…

So it’s that time of year.  Testing season.  I’ve got one word for that- yuck.  While my firsties don’t take a state test like the STAAR test, that doesn’t mean we let them off free.  Nope.  We give them the ITBS- Iowa Test of Basic Skills.  Unfortunately for my kiddos, it will last until Thursday and we started yesterday.  We have several sections to get through.  It’s tough work on these kiddos but it’s something we’ve gotta do.  Sorry babies!  So due to all this, here’s what my classroom looks like for this week:

Thank you panorama feature on the iPhone!  I didn’t cover my calendar wall until Monday because I use old bed sheets as that’s easier to cover what I’ve got as well as remove if I have a chance to do my calendar routine.  Here’s what it looked like covered:

Not a very pretty view is it?  End of the week.  Then I put my room back to normal.

Interesting thought though…After testing Monday, I was talking with other teammates and we got onto the subject of how many times we circled our room and we jokingly wondered how far we walked just during the testing period.  Since we have to actively monitor the kids, this means we’re on our feet the whole time moving around the room.  So I decided to pull out my trusty pedometer and see just how much distance I covered.  So I clipped it on this morning before leaving the house and away we went.  Here’s a shot of its reading when I went to close my door with my testing sign out to officially start my testing time:

Here is what it read when I went to open my door to take my sign down, officially marking the end of my testing time:

(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures- weird angle.)  The difference- 295 steps, which equals (all according to my pedometer so this is all approximate) 0.093 miles, which equals 10.7 calories burned.  I shared this with my doormate and we agreed that we burned way more than that Monday because we tested for a lot longer time.  So I’ve decided to continue logging my steps throughout this testing week to see just how much I move in that room.  I always suspected that I burned more calories than I thought in a work day as I hardly get to sit down.  And even when I do sit down I’m working so I don’t even get to enjoy it consciously.  So I’ll keep you posted on my steps taken each day.

But rather than do a blog post each day for that, you could just check in with me on… Facebook!  Yep!  Mrs. Landry’s Land of Learning has a page!  I’m excited about this and would love to have some likes!  Go here to see the page and join up!

I’ve gotten new math stations going and I got pictures together on them so I’ll be posting about those as well.  My reading stations need some help though.  I’ll be working on those big time during this testing week as we’re not teaching a formal reading lesson due to time constraints.  By Monday I hope to be back on track with all that and ready to roll.

After this week the end of year testing continues for me as we will be starting TPRI (Texas Primary Reading Inventory) and then DIBELS, ending with AimsWeb Math assessment.  I can’t believe we have less than 2 months to go…Time flies!

Happy Teaching!

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Still kicking over here!

Hello!  I’m back!  So sorry!  I moved.  Yep.  We’re back in the house.  Thank goodness.  The apartment was about to drive us crazy.  But now it’s been issues with getting unpacked, finding our stuff, and fighting with the contractor to get some fixes done.  To anyone who does construction for a living…bless you.  I could never do the job.  Thankfully my husband is more than willing to do the arguing.  So needless to say I’ve been busy.

School didn’t stop for me just because I moved (although I did take 2 days off to get our stuff to the house).  We did a Dr. Seuss unit (can I say that?!) and had Stick Horse Rodeo (so cute!).  Yes I live in Texas.  🙂  I thought about trying to do a bunch of posts to catch things up.  But right now that’s a little too overwhelming to sort out.  So I”ll just pick up right here and keep going.  Keep moving forward, right?

Okay so this morning is my first day back from Spring Break.  I had a great time cleaning the house and trying to put it back together.  Yes I really did.  Throw in a night at the Houston Rodeo (Jake Owen was awesome!) and some good quality time with my little one and it was a great week.  We finished it off Saturday with some family time and getting to visit with our niece and new nephew.  He’s so cute!

So today I’m back in my room.  Things are not quite the same in so many ways.  You see before I left for Spring Break I did something.  Something that I had been itching to do for the past several weeks.  I rearranged my room.  Now I know y’all haven’t seen what my room was before.  So here is what I started the year out with:

Okay not bad.  I liked it.  But I had 2 whole group areas.  One in front of the calendar that I used in the morning.  The other in front of the word wall and big book stand.  While it worked for a time, I was itching to have my whole group be in one place and to be able to use my whiteboard even with the kiddos on the floor.  So I came up with this:

I’m excited to see how this works out!  Now as you can see I’m not done.  The blank chalk board will become my word wall.  I’ve also got to relabel where the kiddos go for stations.  But now I’m excited for the rest of the school year!  I’ve been recharged!  Nothing like a little spring cleaning to reset things.  😉  I’ll keep y’all posted as to how it works out as well as pictures of the finished product.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to share what I’m doing in stations this week.  I’m almost done getting that post organized.

Happy Teaching!


Starting the new year off right- BUSY!

So Christmas break is done.  Boo!  Time to get 2013 kicked off to a great start.  Yay!  While I’m missing my break, I was happy to see my firsties on Tuesday and get the second semester rolling.  I’ve been working on setting up new stations for math and reading.  We’re starting our middle of the year benchmarks for reading AND math this week so I need to have everything in place by Wednesday.  Oy.  So here’s what I’ve got planned for math:

Bucket #1- Ladybug Partner Bingo- Time to the Hour and Half Hour & Time to Go Fishing- Go Fish

So I decided to put 2 activities in this bucket since I’ll be doing benchmarking and won’t be in my room to actively monitor my dear students.  The aide that will be monitoring them will also be monitoring my doormate’s class as well.  So yeah.  Okay.  We did our time topic a couple of weeks before the Christmas break and I really wanted to get a station bucket going with the skill so as to maintain it.  We’re also practicing telling time to the hour and half-hour during calendar time.  So anyways here they are:

The Ladybug Partner Bingo was created by Mrs. Kilby from Confessions of a Primary Teacher and you can get this cute little game here.  It’s a freebie!  I found this last year and used it and loved it! I printed the 2 game boards and put them on file folders.  I put an envelope on the back of the folder to hold the cards.  Nice and neat!

This game is a new one to me but I know my kiddos are going to love it!  It came with 2 games and I chose the Go Fish version.  It’s made by Penny Wiegel and you can get it here.  It’s a freebie too!

Bucket #2- I Have, Who Has: Place Value Ones and Tens & Tens and Ones Bingo

Place value also occurred right before Christmas.  Again trying to maintain that stuff in their slippery brains!  😉

This is from Melissa McMurray from F is for First Grade and you can get it here.  Freebie!  This is another one that I found last year and I just threw it in my stations not really thinking about it.  I knew what the game was but for some reason I didn’t think it mattered.  And it didn’t!  The kids pass out the cards among their group and then just start going through the questions and matching them with their answers.  As they do this they lay their cards on the floor and in the end it makes a circle, matching all questions and answers.  They love figuring it out and this is right up my current firsties’ alley!

The second game is one that another teacher gave me.  Sorry I forgot to snap a picture of it!  The bingo boards have base 10 blocks showing various numbers.  The calling cards have the same blocks with the printed number underneath.  Nothing elaborate by any means but effective in doing the job.  My kids love bingo so it’s perfect!

Bucket #3- Last Snowman Standing- Sum of 2 Dice

Okay this came from Math Wire.  You can find it exactly here.  It’s down towards the bottom of the page.  It goes great with the season, practices addition, and practices tally marks.  Perfect!  It’s also got 2 other versions of the same game- Difference of 2 Dice and One Die Toss.  All are played the same way and instructions are included.

Bucket #4- Base 10 Puzzles & Place Value Rock- Writing Numbers

Yes it’s one more bucket of place value.  But honestly that’s such an important skill.  I just can’t let it go.  That and I had a tone of activities all set to go from last year so…  🙂

This came as a result of a long and exhausting search of exactly this last year.  I was all over Google to no avail when I finally decided to give this Pinterest thing a try.  I already had an account but hadn’t done much with it.  I typed in my search and holy moly!  I had died and gone to heaven!  That really kicked off my Pinterest addiction!  But it also introduced me to TPT, teacher blogging, and this great activity!  It’s from Mrs. Berg of First Grade Schoolbox and you can get it here.  Another freebie of course!  After I printed on cardstock and laminated them, I cut each card into puzzle pieces.  I’m talking the different zigzag lines and such.  Yeah I was crazy.  But I had help doing it and it really benefited my kiddos.  So there!

This one is from Shuna Patterson of Pocket Full of Kinders and you can get it here.  Yes it’s free!  (Are you noticing a trend here?)  She’s got several great activities in this packet.  I decided to have them do the write the room option towards the end.  The recording sheet is laminated to be reused.  Another great practice in looking at place value and knowing those numbers.

Bucket #5- EnVision topic games

Like I’ve said before…I’ve got to have at least 1 no brainer!  😉

Bucket #6- One Less

Last one promise!  And I’m just now realizing that I have no picture of this.  Nuts.  Okay it’s basically a game where the kids roll a die and then cover a number on the board that is 1 less than what they rolled.  Each player has 10 chips to cover the numbers and 1 board to share.  First one to use all their chips wins.  Pretty simple!

Okay so that was just math.  Whew!  I’m finishing up my reading stations and I’ll get back to you on that.  We’re having fun doing a special unit this week as it’s a short week for the kiddos.  What are you doing in your stations this week?  Are you glad to be back?  😉  Come share!

Happy teaching y’all!

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Change is in the air…

Yes I’m still here! No my firsties have not swallowed me whole… Yet. 😉 Kidding! I am loving my students and have been MIA from the blogging world trying to take care of them. I almost always seem to forget how draining establishing routines can be on my mind and body. Losing my voice after the first couple of days doesn’t help either. But that’s okay too. Things are starting to take a normal tone. For now. 🙂

So where have I been? Working, taking care of my daughter, and giving my husband the time he needs to work on his masters. Throw in my birthday (meaning family trip to the lake house) and some showers and you get one tired lady! But I digress… My title for this post is significant for a couple of reasons.

First being that my campus said good bye to our principal of three years. She is leaving us for another position. While we’re going to miss her, we wish her luck in her new endeavors and hope she does well. We do not know yet who our new principal is going to be (scary thought!) but we plan to carry on and know that we are going to be okay. Change is not a bad thing.

On that note, here’s my latest news as of this evening. My house (unfortunately) was built with toxic Chinese drywall. It is made with sulfur compounds and emits a sulfide gas. It’s corroding and tarnishing everything as well as being smelly (although we don’t notice it due to the fact we’ve lived in it too long to know). So long story short, we are part of a major settlement to get the house fixed. This means the walls and ceilings are being torn down inside and redone along with HVAC and electrical. Full scale renovations. We are moving out while this is being done. We’ve been waiting for two years now to get the news we got tonight. Our move out date. We have to be out of the house by mid November. WOOOHOOO!!

While I’m excited, reality is setting in and we’re starting the packing process. This may mean I’m MIA more often. I’m hoping not but we all know life has a way of changing how things happen. I’m asking for patience and understanding if I am absent at times. Know that I want to be with y’all but that I must take care of my family as well. I’ll post updates as things really get going and hope to turn this into a fun adventure.

Okay back to teacher mode! So I got an idea of something to make tonight and if it works out like I hope it does, it might be a shareable thing. Like a product you can use. My second one. I’m starting to see where all these teachers get their ideas to create and sell. Here’s hoping it works out. I’ll be looking for input. My room looks better now I’ve got supplies put away and stations really going. I’ll do a picture post real soon. I’ll also share how I stay organized and some of my little tricks to this trade. So stay tuned!

Happy Teaching!


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At first I was afraid…

I was petrified…

No not really!  That song just popped in my head for the main words- I’m a survivor!  Why?  Because I got through the first day of school.  Only victims are my feet.  They hurt.  But my hubby massaged them for a few minutes and even offered to do it again tomorrow.  Yep.  He’s a keeper.

Oh speaking of my hubby, can I brag on him for a second?  My husband works full time and is currently going to school for his counseling degree.  He comes home and gets straight to work on school work.  He’s got great grades and is a great role model for our daughter.  I’m just so proud of him.  He also had today off (thank goodness!) and still made sure I got out the door super early and got our little one to daycare on time.  OH and he let me stay late to clean up supplies.  I’ll say it again.  Keeper.  I love him!

My first day was great.  I’m excited to get to work with this great group of first grade babies.  Right now I’m going to finish putting numbers on clothes pins and getting work folders labeled so that I may sleep good tonight.  Tomorrow is day 2!

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It’s got me! It’s got me!

So once again I’ve been so busy working that I have not been able to come up for air and post some progress.  But luckily I beat things back enough to get out for the weekend.  For the most part my room is done.  I’m just doing finishing touches really.  I start inservice tomorrow and the kiddos start arriving on the 27th.  I’m really excited to get going.  But before I could let myself, I just had to do one thing.  I knew what I was getting myself into when I started but I could not put it off anymore.  Doing the cute finishing touches would be my reward.  So I took a deep breath and jumped in with both feet.  I organized my filing cabinet.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  (Cue screeching violins!)

Here’s what it looked like (although I forgot to take a true before picture so you’ll see the start of my work):

Hey wait?  Where did the stuff go?

It’s already being worked on here…

…and right here.

So where did all this come from?  Well when I changed to first grade 3 years ago, I inherited this room from a retiring teacher.  Need I say more?  Of course I wanted as much as she wanted to give me as I was new to the grade level.  I didn’t even have experience in it during my college days.  Well she had soooooooooooo much stuff that it took her several months to bring it all from home!  Yikes!  But she gave me her files.  I tried to get started on getting it sorted and figured out.  What did I learn?  One there was A LOT of stuff.  Two she had several copies of files.  She must have had a set of files at home AND at school.  No joke.  So I just made do with just cramming everything in the my two file cabinets and telling myself I would get to them gradually.  Yeah right.  Oh wait!  I found more in my storage spot!

So since I got my room well set up earlier than I normally do, I decided I couldn’t ignore things anymore.  I got to work.  It took about half the week to do all of reading, language arts, and math.  Science and social studies will have to happen as the year goes as we’ve done some reorganizing there.  Science is no problem.  It’s a small amount.  Social studies on the other hand.  Well…Take a look:

Yep.  2 crates full.  But this includes seasonal stuff.  I’m talking there are files called Spiders, Indians, Snowflakes, Penguins, Valentines Day, and so much more.  So this will happen as the year progresses.  It was easier to get it out of the cabinet completely.  As I go through it, the sorted files will go into the cabinet in order.  So I cleaned everything up and made it look so much better.  Here’s a look at one drawer:

See?  Much better!

So did you tackle a chore you’ve been putting off for a while?  Or did you do a complete overhaul?  Please share!

Happy teaching y’all!

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Gotta love those books!

So I was doing my daily blog stalking and I came across a new post from a blog I love following, SOS Supply, and she talked about this new widget that she had added on her blog. It’s called Shelfari and it’s a book widget. Cool! I love books! So I hopped on over to the website to see what this was about. It’s a widget that lets you display or list books you’ve read, are currently reading, or want and you can write things about them. Awesome! It’s powered by Amazon and I love it! Now for some reason I can’t make it do the neat bookshelf look that Sue has. But the list is pretty nice too. I’ve put the book I’m currently reading on G/T students and using literature and I’ll be adding more as time goes on. This will include what I’ve already read and my future plans. I’ll work to keep this as updated as possible. So check out my new page in my menu and see what I’m reading!

Happy teaching ya’ll!


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