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This week in the Land of Learning

Howdy, howdy!

Time has really slipped away from me.  I took lots of great pictures from our Dr. Seuss week and I WILL share with you!  It was too cute and fun not to!  Besides, we ended the week with Stick Horse Rodeo and that was so much fun!  Y’all need to see what you missed!  But in the mean time, here’s what we’re up to this week:

First up is math.  We are going to working on fractional parts- i.e. parts of a set and parts of a whole.  Since this will be a generally new concept (actually teaching it besides seeing it on Lone Star Math- more on that later) I’m not ready for this to be in my stations.  Stations need to be as independent as possible as I’m working with a small group.  So I keep the stations to all previously learned topics.  I’ll do a post about how math block is done in my room/school a little later.  Now, while we are doing fractional parts during learning time, math stations is going to be tricked out in St. Patrick’s Day!  This is like the first time I since I started teaching that remember being at school on this green day so I’m excited!  So here’s the line up:

In bucket number 1 I’ve got the following:

Now this has a math and a literacy station and I’m using both.  So happy about this!  The math station is matching up subtraction sentences that have the same difference.  This is great because my kiddos definitely need subtraction practice and we’re going to be doing another addition and subtraction unit after fractional parts.  I’ll explain the literacy station below.  Click the image to go get it yourself!  🙂

In bucket number 2 we have:

I love Heather!  She was one of the first blogs I ever started following and have loved reading her journey through teaching!  This is another combo math and literacy pack which is another win for me!  For math I’m doing the Lucky Math Sort where they sort number sentences by their answers- equal to 6, less than 6, greater than 6.  Love it!  And yes the literacy station will be featured below.  🙂  Click the image to go grab this great set and leave Heather some love!

Bucket number 3:

Who doesn’t love Ashley Hughes?!  I love all her work!  I love how this will help my kiddos keep on their graphing toes.  I laminated the dice and then folded them up.  Hopefully the kiddos will be gentle with them.  If they are, I’ll just remove the tape to store them flat.  Fingers crossed it works!  Click the image to snag this up!

Bucket number 4:

Just another great chance for my kiddos to practice their addition and subtraction skills.  I can tell some really need it.  Click the image to get this yourself!

Bucket number 5:

Now I was a very lucky girl with this one!  Michelle at Teach123 did a giveaway for this great new pack and I won!  Woohoo!  You can click the image to go this yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!  While it was created for older kiddos, I was able to use bits and pieces to take care of a bucket so I’m happy!  🙂

Bucket number 6:

Okay no this one isn’t St. Patrick’s Day.  I know.  But this activity is exactly what I wanted for my kiddos.  Money can never stop now that it’s learned.  Who agrees with me?  It was a concept that many had to work really hard to learn and I’m not about to let their hard work go away.  Some are still struggling with it.  And since the first day of spring comes this week (on my sister’s birthday no less!) I knew it was a perfect fit!  Click the image to go get it!

So that’s math.  What about reading?  Well we use HM Journeys, Texas edition.  We are on lesson 20.  We will be covering compound words, cause and effect, prepositional words and phrases (so hard too!), and continuing to improve our fluency rates.  We were blessed to get the flip chart stations that went with the program so that took care of 3 stations right there.  I will explain my reading block in another post as that is such a big animal by itself.  Again, I prefer to use my stations as a review to help with the independence.  But some do cover the skills we are currently learning.  That’s mainly the flip charts and spelling station.  But some of the other stations I will be using include the following:

Pocket Chart- Rainbow Antonyms out of the Lotsa Luck St. Patrick’s Day Centers pack mentioned above.  This is for review.

Word Work- Lucky Leprechaun Order out of the March Freebie Fun mentioned above.  They are putting March words in ABC order.  Another great review skill some of my kiddos need.

Word Wall- now this one I’m really struggling with this one for some reason.  Right now I pick one of the words and just give them the letters.  They have to figure out my “mystery word” and turn in their guess.  Those that guess right get a ticket (more on that later).  They are also finding all the 6-lettered words and writing them down.  I want more for this station but I’ll just have to continue brainstorming and looking through the resources I’ve got.  I’ll get there eventually!  🙂

Read the Room- I found this great activity from Stephany Dillon on TPT and I’m changing it to be read the room.  Instead of them just sorting the cards in one spot, they will travel the room and write their sort on the recording sheet.  This is a review from our last Journeys lesson.  They really need this.  Click the image below to go get it!

I’ve pulled a couple other activities for my small groups to work on as well.  Since this post is already so so long, I’ll wait and share what I’m using where in a day or two.  I’ll try to make those visual plans next time around.  So there’s my week!  Hope your week is good if you are not on spring break!  And if you are on spring break- enjoy!!

Happy Teaching!

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Wait…Mrs. who?!

I have missed this sooooo much!  So why haven’t I done anything about it until now?  Because life has been that way.  You know what way I mean.  When it just puts other things in front of you that you have no choice to deal with.  Fortunately, my family and I, we are tough.  After our house stuff (read about that here), there’s nothing we can’t tackle!  But unfortunately, it meant some things had to be set aside.  While it meant this, I really did think about it almost every free second I had.  I just could never get my hands on my computer to do it.  But on to what I’ve been up to…

SCHOOL!!  I’ve been at this with my kiddos for the last 4 1/2 weeks!  Whew!  In that amount of time, I have gained 20 little darlings, gotten just about ALL of my reading benchmark testing done (that will be finished tomorrow!), and ALL of my math benchmark testing.  I’ve also gotten my room finished in the last few days (it was mainly little things by this point, but that’s how bad it was).  I’ll post pictures of that for your grand tour soon.  I’m knee-deep in reading and math stations and I, frankly, don’t always know which end is up!  😛

But I’m so happy to be back in my classroom and working with my kiddos.  I’ve got a lot of plans I want to accomplish this year and a lot of that includes creating things myself.  I scared!  I look at everyone’s awesome creations and just tremble at the level of awesomeness they are and what I would love to do.  But I know I’ll get there eventually.  I have a new doormate as my former one went back to her true love in teaching, Kindergarten.  But don’t worry, she’s only in the next hall so I’m sure she’ll pop up on here again!  My new one is a dear friend of mine who is new to first grade so I’m giving (hopefully) a helping hand when needed.

Now I really didn’t have much to share.  But I had the opportunity to post something so I took it.  One thing I do want to share that is totally classroom stuff is iPad rules.  Last year, every teacher got an iPad.  Yay!  Now I have a personal iPad (my hubby so rocks!) that I had already been bringing to use for testing and in my small groups.  It’s not in the most protective of cases so I didn’t want to turn my kiddos loose on it and have the horrible thought (which I won’t say/type just to be sure!) happen.  So I waited for our classroom iPad to come.  And it did!  And it came with an Otter Box!  Hello!  iPad station is on the way!  But we needed rules.  Just like we do for everything else.  So then I consulted one of my best friends…Pinterest.

After looking at various different versions of rules and such, I compiled my favorites and came up with this:

This was last year’s poster btw.  Now I added the last rule.  And let me tell you.  It works.  I told my kiddos that if they fight, the iPad goes away.  For a while.  Period.  Now they didn’t get their hands on it until the last couple of months of school.  So it wasn’t until the last couple of weeks that the squabbles started:

Kiddo: Mrs. Landry!  So-and-so won’t let me have my turn!  It’s my turn to have the iPad!

Me: Gee, do I hear fight over the iPad?  Are y’all fighting? (Yes I knew full well they were!)

Kiddo: NOPE!!

The complainer would then rush back as the offender readily handed the treasured tablet over.  🙂  I never had to take it.  Now I reviewed the rules a lot with them.  That helped.  And when certain situations got too close to me needing to take it, I reminded them what would happen.  Thankfully, that’s all I had to do.

Now this year I’m using the same rules.  But I very much believe that anchor charts should be created with the kiddos.  So I set it up like so:

Then the next school day, I went through each rule and what they looked like as I filled it out with them.  I would write it first and then explain it.  You should have heard the sounds as I wrote rule number 7!  Too funny!  But anyways…Here’s this year’s finished rules:

(Please excuse the feeble attempt at prettiness…I’m not very good at drawing or writing fancy but I do have fun with colorful markers!)  And so far, so good!  Well that’s it for me!  I am GOING to be back real soon to share what I’m doing in my room and what I’m using.  I’ll also be working on a picture tour of my room (and those pictures will be used for my sub binder I want to create) so you can see this year’s Land of Learning.  If you are a follower, thanks so much for sticking it out with me!  I love you soooo much!

Happy Teaching!

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Where have you been?!

Yes you’re looking at your computer screen correctly.  No I promise this is not a mirage.  I’m really here.  No seriously.  It’s really me. 🙂

My goodness have I missed y’all!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted ANYTHING!  But it’s not like I don’t have a good excuse.  In the pictures below you’ll get an idea of what I have been up to in my long, extended absence.  Add that to the fact that I worried about burn out before I reached summer vacation and you have a blogger on hold.  This year has been a roller coaster for me just at home.  That’s not even including what has happened in the classroom.  Yikes!  I’m hoping that now that things have settled down, I’ll be able to get back into things and really get this blog moving and grooving in a big way.

So first, a little bit about the happenings during my absence.

Alrighty starting at the top and going left to right:

  • First 2 small ones on top of each other are my living room.  We shoved my kitchen into so we could have new tile laid.  Long story short it should have been done before we moved in but I just won’t go there.  The large sheet of plastic is to keep the dust of demoing the old floor from spreading.  My hubby and I slept on the couches as our room was blocked off.  Fun.  I was without a kitchen for a week.  Sigh…
  • Next up, so far my only casualty from this whole moving around ordeal.  1 corningware dish.  No biggie.  Easily replaced.
  • Gorgeous, fragrant magnolia flower a kiddo gave me.  I could not help but smell that thing all day.  Loved it!
  • My last bulletin board of the year!  We did Surf Buddies by Corinna Gandara over at TPT (follow the link- it’s free!) and I had the kiddos tell me what they wanted to do over the summer.  It turned out great!  Such an easy activity!
  • Right underneath that I ordered a clipart CD from D.J. Inkers with a deal from Educents!  It was so easy and I’m glad I waited to use that $15 gift card from their start up promotion.  I can’t wait to use the CD!
  • Okay the next 2 pictures and the next 2 on the bottom row are all from the last day of school.  So I teach at a very small school outside the city, specifically on a prairie.  It’s a tradition that some upper classmen boys ride their horses to school.  So cool!  I was finally able to get photo evidence for those off the prairie that never believe me.  And just as I snapped, one large kiddo decided to STAND on the saddle while riding (I hope you can see that).  Scared me but it was still cool.  Then there’s my empty room and my overstuffed storage spot.  I hate packing up.  😦
  • After that the next four pictures.  My hair.  I have been growing it out for some time.  I even mentioned cutting it to donate here.  So yeah.  I finally did it!  Love my new do!!  Sending hair in to charity soon!
  • And then lastly, my parents came in for the weekend after school let out.  This is my dad and my daughter playing a very serious game of This Little Piggy.  Loved every moment with them!

So yeah.  Glad that’s all behind me now!  Now to look at the future!  One of the things I’m super excited about are a couple of book studies being hosted at some other blogs I follow (or will be following very shortly here).  More on that later.

So as I’m wrapping all this up and getting ready to look to the future, I realized something.  My blog is a year old.  Over a year old technically (if you’re counting the days).  While it’s not as big some of my favorites and I don’t have a shop anywhere (I’ll say yet because you just never know…), I have to say I’m proud of my little blog here.  I’ve got some followers and I’ve got new passion in what I do.  I think my intentions behind this project are being met.  I’m taking this venture very slowly so y’all bear with me!

Anyways, in light of my blog-iversary (and the fact that you’re still reading…I hope), I’ve got a couple of freebies that I made and used in my classroom this year.  I know it’s way late in the game for these, but there’s always next year!  Anyways, I hope you enjoy them and please leave me a comment if they work for you!

Classroom Freebies Manic MondayStay tuned for new things to come!

Happy Teaching!


Bugs and Blossoms in Math

Warning- lots of photos!

Testing is done!  Yay!  Now specifically ITBS is done.  Next up, TPRI.  Bring it.  But anyways…I got to take down all my wall coverings and have my room back.  Yay!  The kids were excited as I took down the paper off the Word Wall.  You’d think I had unwrapped a giant Christmas gift.  Too cute!  So life is slowly coming back to normal.  Today is a take-it-easy day as we take care of make-up tests and just finish the week out.  Since we have not been doing formal reading lessons, I’ve got something fun planned for my kiddos.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  😉

So the math stations.  I got them from this great pack I got from SunnyDays.  You can get it here.  You’ll love it!!  Anyways I’m just using the math stations in the pack right now.  We’re getting back in to addition and subtraction real heavily again and I wanted some stations that got my kiddos in full adding and subtracting mode.  Well when I saw the first math game in this pack, I was like, “Yes!  Perfect!”  Then I kept saying it 2 more times when I realized I could use all 3 stations.  Score!  What I love best about these stations is that, while they may have been geared towards second grade specifically, it gave my first graders the challenge they need without discouraging them.  I have several GT kiddos and I’ve been wanting to amp things up and this was perfect.  Oh and so sorry for the fuzzy pictures!  I guess I moved around too much when I took them.  So here we go:

Math Station Bucket #1- Capture the Crickets

The kiddos sort cards with number pairs by their sums- less than 20, equal to 20, and greater than 20.  To help them out (and test their determination to get their hands on a new toy…more on that later) I included a calculator.  After they sort the cards, they fill out the recording sheet.  Love it!  I’m so into the accountability factor with recording sheets.  It just really helps me know what they are really doing while I’m working with my small groups…

Math Station Bucket #2- Buzzing by Tens!

They pick a bee, add 10 to the number, find the flower with that number.  Perfect!  We had already learned how moving up and down a 100 chart moves you by 10s.  We’ve also been practicing counting by 10s starting at different numbers (i.e. 7 or 3) during our math meeting.  So I put a 100 chart to give them a hand.  They are loving it!  I have them work it together first, then they see who can do it the fastest.  It’s really great practice.

Math Station Bucket #3- The Great Snail Race

Very simple game- roll a sum of 7 or greater, move 1 space.  Less than 7 stay put.  You should hear them when they don’t get that 7 or greater!  “Oh man!”  They are figuring out why it’s called a snail race.  🙂  This was the last activity in the pack.  I’m telling you, go check this pack out and say hi to Denise while you’re there!

Math Station Bucket #4- Geo Boards

So simple yet so much fun!  Since we finished our shape unit a little bit ago (and quite frankly I needed a new idea) I pulled these out.  They are loving creating shapes and pictures with those rubber bands!

Math Station Bucket #5- enVision topic starter game

Kicking our addition topic off with the opening game.  Love the easiness of these games!

Math Station Bucket #6- Sprouting Fact Family Flowers

So this is something I’m particularly proud of.  My doormate, another teammate, and myself loved some of the roll and create number sentence stations.  Earlier this year I did it with turkeys and tail feathers (see that here) and then again with Christmas trees and ornaments (look here).  So we were thinking it was time to do another one but with a spring theme in mind.  So we decided they should roll, color flower petals, and then write the number sentences on leaves.  Got it!  So I said I would make circles and try to find leaves we could use.  Well I did more than that.  I made the leaves AND I made petals (of course I did that after we decided and had copied the turkey tail feathers from Math Wire– hey you can’t tell they’re feathers!).  We also wanted a directions page.  So I decided to have some fun with some of the clipart and digital paper I’ve acquired from some awesome teacher stores for free.  Then I got the bug.  The creating bug.  After I fiddled around with some things, I managed to make the leaves and petals like I said and the pack just… just… made itself.  Now I’m starting to see what the big fuss is with all these teachers creating all this awesome stuff!  So here it is:

Now I’m not going to sell this.  You can get it for free here.  Please let me know what you think.  My kids are loving it because we are doing it with a 10-sided die with the numbers 0-9.  The flowers look great and they are going on a bulletin board in the hall.  I’ll post a picture as soon as more flowers get added.  But here’s a picture of my example for the kiddos:

Oops!  Didn’t realize my toes were in the shot!  Glad I painted them.  😉  Anyways I hope you enjoyed this.  These stations will be staying put for a while as testing has not allowed us to use them that often and I need to make sure all the kiddos get through them.  This weekend’s project is to revamp all my reading stations and finally share that.  Plus I’m working on another project that I hope to be sharing.  Until then…

Happy Teaching!

Freebie Fridays

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Starting the new year off right- BUSY!

So Christmas break is done.  Boo!  Time to get 2013 kicked off to a great start.  Yay!  While I’m missing my break, I was happy to see my firsties on Tuesday and get the second semester rolling.  I’ve been working on setting up new stations for math and reading.  We’re starting our middle of the year benchmarks for reading AND math this week so I need to have everything in place by Wednesday.  Oy.  So here’s what I’ve got planned for math:

Bucket #1- Ladybug Partner Bingo- Time to the Hour and Half Hour & Time to Go Fishing- Go Fish

So I decided to put 2 activities in this bucket since I’ll be doing benchmarking and won’t be in my room to actively monitor my dear students.  The aide that will be monitoring them will also be monitoring my doormate’s class as well.  So yeah.  Okay.  We did our time topic a couple of weeks before the Christmas break and I really wanted to get a station bucket going with the skill so as to maintain it.  We’re also practicing telling time to the hour and half-hour during calendar time.  So anyways here they are:

The Ladybug Partner Bingo was created by Mrs. Kilby from Confessions of a Primary Teacher and you can get this cute little game here.  It’s a freebie!  I found this last year and used it and loved it! I printed the 2 game boards and put them on file folders.  I put an envelope on the back of the folder to hold the cards.  Nice and neat!

This game is a new one to me but I know my kiddos are going to love it!  It came with 2 games and I chose the Go Fish version.  It’s made by Penny Wiegel and you can get it here.  It’s a freebie too!

Bucket #2- I Have, Who Has: Place Value Ones and Tens & Tens and Ones Bingo

Place value also occurred right before Christmas.  Again trying to maintain that stuff in their slippery brains!  😉

This is from Melissa McMurray from F is for First Grade and you can get it here.  Freebie!  This is another one that I found last year and I just threw it in my stations not really thinking about it.  I knew what the game was but for some reason I didn’t think it mattered.  And it didn’t!  The kids pass out the cards among their group and then just start going through the questions and matching them with their answers.  As they do this they lay their cards on the floor and in the end it makes a circle, matching all questions and answers.  They love figuring it out and this is right up my current firsties’ alley!

The second game is one that another teacher gave me.  Sorry I forgot to snap a picture of it!  The bingo boards have base 10 blocks showing various numbers.  The calling cards have the same blocks with the printed number underneath.  Nothing elaborate by any means but effective in doing the job.  My kids love bingo so it’s perfect!

Bucket #3- Last Snowman Standing- Sum of 2 Dice

Okay this came from Math Wire.  You can find it exactly here.  It’s down towards the bottom of the page.  It goes great with the season, practices addition, and practices tally marks.  Perfect!  It’s also got 2 other versions of the same game- Difference of 2 Dice and One Die Toss.  All are played the same way and instructions are included.

Bucket #4- Base 10 Puzzles & Place Value Rock- Writing Numbers

Yes it’s one more bucket of place value.  But honestly that’s such an important skill.  I just can’t let it go.  That and I had a tone of activities all set to go from last year so…  🙂

This came as a result of a long and exhausting search of exactly this last year.  I was all over Google to no avail when I finally decided to give this Pinterest thing a try.  I already had an account but hadn’t done much with it.  I typed in my search and holy moly!  I had died and gone to heaven!  That really kicked off my Pinterest addiction!  But it also introduced me to TPT, teacher blogging, and this great activity!  It’s from Mrs. Berg of First Grade Schoolbox and you can get it here.  Another freebie of course!  After I printed on cardstock and laminated them, I cut each card into puzzle pieces.  I’m talking the different zigzag lines and such.  Yeah I was crazy.  But I had help doing it and it really benefited my kiddos.  So there!

This one is from Shuna Patterson of Pocket Full of Kinders and you can get it here.  Yes it’s free!  (Are you noticing a trend here?)  She’s got several great activities in this packet.  I decided to have them do the write the room option towards the end.  The recording sheet is laminated to be reused.  Another great practice in looking at place value and knowing those numbers.

Bucket #5- EnVision topic games

Like I’ve said before…I’ve got to have at least 1 no brainer!  😉

Bucket #6- One Less

Last one promise!  And I’m just now realizing that I have no picture of this.  Nuts.  Okay it’s basically a game where the kids roll a die and then cover a number on the board that is 1 less than what they rolled.  Each player has 10 chips to cover the numbers and 1 board to share.  First one to use all their chips wins.  Pretty simple!

Okay so that was just math.  Whew!  I’m finishing up my reading stations and I’ll get back to you on that.  We’re having fun doing a special unit this week as it’s a short week for the kiddos.  What are you doing in your stations this week?  Are you glad to be back?  😉  Come share!

Happy teaching y’all!

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Merry Math Stations!

So now that Thanksgiving is done, it’s time to get into the season.  The Christmas season that is!  So I was bound and determined to have as many Christmas themed stations as possible.  So thanks to my awesome doormate, TPT, and the awesome bloggers out there who create this stuff, I was able to do it!  So here are my math stations for the rest of the time until break.  Let’s start with…

Bucket #1: Snowball Fact Families

Those bears are too cute!  This came from Chery at Easy Peasy Primary Resources at TPT.  It’s a sample activity from a mega pack she created.  Chery makes awesome activities!  She is one of the first stores I started following and I’m so glad I did.  So anyways you can get this sample pack here.  You might want to check out her whole store.  She’s got some great stuff in there!

This leads us to Bucket #2: Roll a Santa

I love this activity!  It’s sooooo cute!  It’s another freebie from another great TPT store, Kinderglynn by Donna Glynn.  My kids instantly fell in love with this activity and are having a blast.  What I love is that there are 3 different roll sheets for them to play.  Love it!!  Get it here!

Okay now Bucket #3: Christmas Lights Patterns

So this is one that my doormate came up with.  We just finished a unit on patterning and we both felt that we needed something to cover it in our stations for at least a little while.  We also wanted to keep within the Christmas spirit/theme.  Whala!  I give total credit to her as I was exhausted and had no brain power left.  So the kiddos trace the tree and then draw strings of lights.  They then color lights in patterns.  Now my doormate used our die cuts and gave her kiddos actual Christmas lights.  I’m so going to do that for the second rotation.  I frankly ran out of time and it was either they draw or wait.  None of us wanted to wait.  😉  I’ll show you how they look with the lights when we do that.  🙂

Bucket #4: Roll a Christmas Tree

Someone on my team found this last year and we all just L-O-V-E-D it!  It’s so simple and yet the kiddos just can’t get enough of it!  I make it harder by saying they can’t draw any ornaments until they have the 3 triangles to make the tree.  Hehehehe!  They love a good challenge.  So I had to scrounge around to find out where it came from and I was successful!  It’s at Little Giraffes (formerly known as Mrs. Flanagan’s Kindergarten- The Little Giraffes) and you can get it here.  Go here so you can see all her Christmas ideas too!

Bucket #5: Envision topic games

No pictures of this one.  These games are from our topic openers from our math program.  We use Scott Foresman’s EnVision Math.  It’s the one station that never changes in that it always has theses openers.  I just change them out as we go through the topics.  Hey I need 1 no brainer out of the bunch!  😉

Now last but not least is Bucket #6: Christmas Tree Number Sentence Make and Take

Remember my turkey mat activity?  Well this is the Christmas version!  Once again my brilliant doormate was the one that had the aha!  moment!  Love her!  So anyways they roll the die one time and glue that many red ornaments on.  Then roll the die again for the green ornaments.  They then write 1 addition sentence and 1 subtraction sentence about their ornaments.  Oh and the ornaments?  Bingo counter die cut.  🙂  Below are some examples from my great kiddos!

Again very simple but honestly my brain is slowly turning to mush.  Only 3 weeks left, right?  😉  Oh and don’t you just love the snow on my blog?  Such a great way to celebrate the season!  Anyways I hope I gave you some ideas.  Leave a message and tell me what you think!  Here’s to surviving  enjoying the last little bit!

Happy Teaching!


How it all turned out

So I know that Thanksgiving is all done and everyone is moving on to Christmas.  Believe me I am too!  But I really wanted to show you how those turkeys came out.  You know…the craft I was sooooo nervous about because it involved PAINT!  You can read about my apprehensions here.  Well I’m pleased to say that my students did AWESOME!  They kept things as neat and tidy as possible and their turkeys came out sooooooooo cute!  I’m so proud of them!  Okay I’m about to bombard you with pictures!

So here is how the turkeys started out.  I tried gluing the toilet paper roll but that didn’t work so I just did tape on the top and bottom.   Much better.  Then you just paint, add googly eyes and a beak, and you’re set!

See?  Cute right?

Here is a student turkey.

And another.  Isn’t this one neat with the mixed colors?  I love how each one is unique!

And another.  His beak makes me laugh every time!

And another.  And that’s the last one.  Promise!  🙂

Now here is my whole bulletin board.  Thank you panoramic feature on the iPhone!  I’m still kinda shaky with it but you get the idea.  I just left the spiders and jack o’ lanterns because it’s all part of the fall season and I love having a FULL bulletin board.  🙂

Okay I have one more thing to share that I’m rather proud of.  So if you haven’t discovered Math Wire you really should go there.  It has got some awesome math games and ideas and it’s all FREE!  They have things organized by skill and even seasons.  So I went looking for some fall/turkey related things and found these turkeys feathers.  It’s simply called a turkey mat and you can get it here.  Just scroll down to Seasonal Counting and Addition Mats.  Now there’s no real directions so here is what I did.  I printed out turkeys and sheets of feathers for each student.  Since there were 12 turkeys to each page, I simply had the students roll a die.  That told them how  many feathers to color red.  They rolled the die again and colored that many feathers orange.  They then cut out the turkey and colored feathers and glued the feathers to the turkey.  They then had to write 1 addition sentence and 1 subtraction sentence about their feathers.  Below is an example.

See?  Very simple but the kiddos loved it!

So anyways that’s how things went for me with Thanksgiving.  It got really hectic towards the start of the break as my team had teachers out sick and lots of subs so at one point, I had 4 classes in my room for a quick social studies lesson.  Yep.  You read that right.  4.  Why?  Because the lesson was mainly via PowerPoint and it was easier if I did it all at once rather than try to set up 3 others classes separately.  In the end it all worked out.  So I hope you enjoyed this!  Stay tuned for my Christmas plans!

Happy Teaching

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