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on August 24, 2015

I’m sitting on my couch in fuzzy slippers wondering if my feet will ever feel good again.  But who cares?!  I made it through my first day of school as a teacher for the 10th time!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!  I’m still having a hard time realizing that 10 years ago, my first class of kiddos (2nd grade class back then) walked into my room and officially made me a teacher.  And now…get this…are you ready?



And yes I WILL be at graduation holding my class picture sobbing my eyes out with their mommas!  HAHA!

But I want to share something with you that I realized last night as I was making sure I was prepped and ready.  I even admitted it out loud today to one of our aides whose son was in that first group!  So here’s the big secret:

I was still just as nervous today as I was 10 years ago.  There.  Not only have I spoken the words, I have typed them as well.  I am not ashamed of this realization.  I’m embracing it!

So real quick (because I am DETERMINED to stay on top of paperwork this year and NOT get behind on things like I have in the past…HA!), here’s how my day went:

  • Original class list had 21 students.
  • Today it went down to 20 for all of 30 minutes and then went back to 21.
  • I MANAGED TO START DAILY 5 TODAY!!!!  (Yes I will be doing posts on my last 2 chapters to that book study that ended a few weeks ago.  I know.  Bear with me.  :))
  • My kiddos achieved 3 minutes of Read to Self stamina and they want to try for 4 minutes tomorrow!
  • I managed to stay mostly on time today.
  • I am still a clip chart user for now and that will be starting tomorrow but only to help lock in routines and expectations.
  • I have a GREAT bunch of kiddos!

Now I was so busy today that I didn’t take any pictures of my class.  Like at all.  The only pictures from today are of my daughter starting first grade in the room next to me.  And since I don’t have time to be a blubbering mess I’ll leave it at that.  😉

But I actually feel energized and inspired to keep going and get prepped for tomorrow.  My Daily 5 book is my guide through the unknown as I switch from my usual reading stations.  Fingers crossed I can do this.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I’m hoping that by the end of this week I can say I KNOW I can!

Well what about you?  Have you started school yet?  Are you trying something new?  How are you feeling about things right now at the beginning?  Please share and good luck!!

Happy Teaching!


2 responses to “I MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST DAY!!!!

  1. Angel Reads says:

    Wednesday is my first day of teaching EVER! I’ve taught ESY before but this will be my first time having my own classroom. (Although I am a resource teacher so I will only have a few kids at a time.) I am really nervous, so it is reassuring (somehow) to hear that even experienced teachers get cold feet!

    • Good luck on your first day! Embrace those butterflies and try to be over-prepared so that you don’t have too much down time. I’m sure you will have a great day! Thanks for reading my post! I’m working to come back to blogging full time so I hope you stop by again later. Have a great first day!!

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