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Daily 5 Book Study Chapter 7

on August 5, 2015

I’m almost done with this book!  I’m going to finish this book study!  Now that we have that out of the way, let’s see if I can get all this done BEFORE school starts on Monday.  😉 Chapter 7 was hosted by Cindy over at Mrs. Price’s Kindergators.  Click the image below to read her post and see the link up with other great posts.

D5 Book Study Chapter 7

I really liked the way the Sisters wrote this chapter.  The next choice should be introduced when independence and stamina are present.  For primary level students (that would be mine) that’s about 10-12 minutes doing Read to Self.  The Sisters suggest launching Work on Writing next.  But really I think you should pick the best order for you and your kiddos.

Work on Writing is not the same as writing workshop.  Writing workshop is concentrated and directed writing instruction.  D5 is student choice.  When it’s time to launch, do a new I chart.  Students will anticipate what to put based on what they know about Read to Self.  Once again, students demonstrate correct and incorrect procedures.  The it’s practice time.  Stop when there is a break in stamina.  Continue practicing the next few days.

Once stamina is reached introduce choice. The students tell whether they will do Read to Self or Work on Writing before each session.  This is called check-in.  This creates immediate focus. Once all choices are up list who will go to small group first.  This stops disappointment.  After BOY assessments are done, set goals with students.  Students will then voice their choice and how it helps their goal.  Now here’s a tip that makes sense- always call students in the same order to save time.

Read to Someone is often introduced last due to the amount of foundation lessons needed.  This helps increase comprehension, accuracy, fluency, expression, attention, and collaboration.  Just like the other options, you follow same steps when launching.

Listen to Reading provides good models of reading.  Use whatever technology is available.  Also, use those students who can help manage the tech.  It’s not as much an issue building stamina for this choice.  And not everyone does this or needs to.  It’s also typical for limited opportunities and options based on available tech.

Word Work focuses on spelling and vocabulary.  This choice need a lot of materials- whiteboards, magnetic letters, clay, letter stamps, shells, technology, colored markers are examples.  You can use whatever materials you want/have.  Also, use whatever words your school uses.  Now this was clearly stressed- Don’t skip any of the 10 Steps to Teaching Independence.  Discuss materials very carefully.  When practicing, you only need to do Word Work for 10 minutes.  This prevents playing.  Make sure students internalize the following: quiet set up and clean up; all those that use the materials help clean up; materials go back where they came from; leave them neat out of respect; get started quickly and quietly on Read to Self or Work on Writing when done.

This chapter really helped me with some fears and doubts I had about doing Daily 5 this year.  The Sisters have really thought through this whole process and laid it out for all teachers to be successful.  I just hope I can do this too!  Any tips for a newbie?  How was your first experience with starting Daily 5?  Tune back in real soon for chapters 8 and 9!

Happy Teaching!


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