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Daily 5 Book Study Chapter 6

on August 5, 2015

Wow!  Sorry for that absence.  Between a little getaway with the husband, more family time, and FINALLY getting started in my room I kinda got off track.  But I’m determined to finish this book study no matter what.  So, without further ado, Chapter 6 Foundation Lessons!

This post is being hosted by Sarah’s First Grade Snippets.  Click the image below to read her take on this as well as others in the link up.  🙂

Daily 5 Book Study Chapter 6

The foundation lessons are the lessons you teach prior to each Daily 5 activity being launched.  Read to Self has already been started.  So what else do we have to do?

In Read to Self, you still need to teach how to choose a successful spot.  This is after the kiddos have done several rounds over several days and have been in different spots.  Discuss how choosing a spot does not mean being with a friend.  It means being in the best place for each student to work.

In Work on Writing, you need to teach the students how to underline words they don’t know how to spell and then move on.  After that, you are helping the students set up their notebook/folder (I think that comes down to teacher preference) and then choose what to write about.  The beauty about Daily 5 is that the students get to choose what they write during that time.  Yes, there will be focus lessons on specific types of writing and the students will, at least, start them.  During Daily 5, they may continue what they started during that day’s lesson, or work on something else.  Their choice!  Love it!

In Read to Someone you show students how to sit- EEKK.  Elbow, elbow, knee, knee.  I have another way.  If they both have the same book in their boxes, they can also sit shoulder to shoulder but facing the opposite ways. Their shoulders are touching and they can still look at each other’s books.  This also puts their voices right next to their partner’s ear.  Perfect solution for controlling those voices!  Voice level is also a lesson to teach prior to launching this choice.  As well as check for understanding, how partners read, how to get started, and how to choose a partner.  One lesson that I liked was coaching or time.  The student reading indicates if he needs time to figure out a word or if he wants a coach, or help from his partner.  I like that!

Listen to Reading requires the students to know how to work any electronics, clean them up, and share them if there is a limited number.  I know that in my Listening Station, I’ve had a cassette player, or a CD player, and then later an iPod Nano.  All of which required a lesson on how to operate.  And I could really tell when students either didn’t understand or I didn’t demonstrate enough because it was always a mess!  This year with the iPod, I plan to use my document camera to help show all the buttons.  Fingers crossed I get it this time!  Lol!

Word Work requires lessons on set up, clean up, choosing materials, and choosing a successful spot.  While these seem simple, I know from experience with learning stations that sometimes the simplest lesson on how to do something makes all the difference in the world.  It’s important to figure out how you want this choice to flow before introducing it.

Well there’s my take on this chapter!  Please go click the chapter image above to visit the link up and read from those with experience.  I’m providing thoughts and just getting this all figured out on my end.  Do you have experience with Daily 5?  If so, which of these foundation lessons did you find the most helpful for your class?  Any tips or tricks I should try?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Teaching!

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