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Daily 5 Book Study- Chapter 1

on June 20, 2015

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I have missed this little space I call The Land of Learning.  But that little thing called Real Life sort of took over.  But let me just say that I have missed writing on this blog and all the heavy blog stalking reading I used to do.  It’s time to get back in the game.  I need to be refueled and so over the top excited about what I do and yet still be a wife and mommy.  Basically I’m looking for the best of both worlds.  To get me started, a summer book study.  Let’s begin!


Let me start out by saying that when I started teaching 10 years ago (still not believing that!!) I was exposed to the Debbie Diller mode of reading stations.  While I was student teaching, the reading coach at the school I was assigned to loaned me her book.  I loved it.  When I got my first position at my current (and only) school, they also used Debbie Diller.  Perfect.  I was already set to get going.  Truthfully it works for me.  I have tweaked and added to it.  But it works.

Then I started blog stalking reading and I started hearing about The Daily 5.  Hmmmm…The more I read about it from the blogging teachers, the more I wondered about it.  But I still really liked the way I had stations going.  Also, that first year I heard about it, I was having a FABULOUS year with a GREAT group of firsties and everything was clicking.  Yeah…I miss that…Sigh…

This first chapter mainly had to do with how Daily 5 has evolved and changed since the first edition came out in 2006.  It still covered the reasons the Sisters created Daily 5- how to get all aspects of literacy teaching to fit in set block of time.  Basically, they seemed to have found a way to have it all- all students engaged in true literacy activities that encourages growth regardless of whether or not they are with the teacher or on their own.  Finally!

Now one thing that really got my attention is when they said that all the Daily 5 areas do NOT need to be done EVERYDAY.  Thank goodness!  The Sisters also talked about how the rounds will shift in the amounts of time based on my students’ stamina.  They actually show that we need to shoot for less rounds.  But each round has a longer amount of time.  This I can work with!  This whole chapter simply showed how they were able to revise and make their already good system even better.

I’m going to end with a quote from their book that is really sticking with me and I’ll explain why:

It is important to remember that the Daily 5 is simply a framework and does not hold any curriculum content.  It is about creating instructional routines with students through focused teaching, student modeling, and practice.  Daily 5 also helps students build stamina, develop independence, and make successful choices.” (pg. 20)

Why this matters to me- I teach in a district that mandates that I must use my basal.  I must follow it and get my grades from it.  While I know that the best way to use Daily 5 is without such restrictions, I don’t have that option right now.  So I’m really going to test this.  My objective is to see if Daily 5 can work for my classroom based on what I have to follow.

I linked up with Primary Inspired for this study.  Go check out her post and other great posts from other great blogs!

Happy Teaching!

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