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This week in the Land of Learning

on March 3, 2014

Okay so let’s pretend it’s still Sunday!  I meant to have this post up then but I got too busy doing all my planning for this awesome week that it was AFTER midnight before I knew it and so yeah…  Needed to sleep.  Lol!  So here’s my preview to my week…a day late.  🙂

Sunday was a special day.  Dr. Seuss’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Cat in the Hat!  So my team has decided to deviate from our normal reading program (insert Psycho screeching here!).  We are doing…Drum roll please!  Dr. Seuss all week long!!!!  Yay!!!!  We love it because it’s not the ordinary same old same old.  The kids love it because it’s Dr. Seuss!  We really get to do some fun activities and just go hog-wild!  So here’s what we are up to:


  • Book- The Cat in the Hat
  • Main activity- learn/relearn some Dr. Seuss facts (one of our reading series stories is about Dr. Seuss); make list of high-frequency words he used to write that first book; learn how Dr. Seuss changed reading from Dick and Jane to something much different; start reader’s notebook.


  • Book- There’s a Wocket in My Pocket
  • Main activity- figure out meanings to his nonsense words; discuss why he made the nonsense words; add more to the word list; reader’s notebook


  • Book- The ABC Book
  • Main activity- read tongue twisters; make own tongue twisters for neat activity (will show pictures!); add more to the word list; reader’s notebook


  • Book- Horton Hears a Who
  • Main activity- discuss what theme is; figure out theme of book; writing activity- What would you tell Horton if you were a Who?; word list; reader’s notebook


  • Book- Oh, The Places You’ll Go!
  • Main activity- hot air balloon telling what they want to be when they grow up; word list; reader’s notebook

Now I know.  This looks rather boring.  No pictures.  But I’m taking lots of pictures to share the results at the end of the week.  This is my first time to actually post about this.  I’m also going to be using some great stations provided by Kathy Law over at First Grade a la Carte that are just made this for this!  In math we are finishing up our topic on comparing and ordering numbers to 100.  We had a first grade program last week and between rehearsals and a bad video causing us to retape the whole show, we got behind.  So rather than cram, we are just going to take our time and finish it this week.  Which works perfectly as next week is spring break!  Woohoo!  Since we can either do science or social studies on a given day, this week is for science.  We are learning plants and seeds, with a concentration on seeds this week.  We are going to look at different seeds and really get to know them before we get to the actual plants.  I know my scientists are ready!

Now what would a week of school be like without a couple of extras in there?  Let’s see… Tonight was Open House- success!  All this week is Texas Public School’s Week so we have special breakfasts each day now- Muffins for Mom, Donuts for Dad, Sausage and Biscuits with Grandparents.  And because we are in East Texas and it’s rodeo season, Friday is Stick Horse Rodeo.  All I’ve gotta say is this…  BRING IT ON!  🙂

So again, please excuse the lack of prettiness of this post.  One of these days I’ll figure out how the other great bloggers create those totally cool visual plans.  And I’m working to post this stuff on time.  Haha!  So that will help too.  But don’t worry!  I’m clicking pictures left and right of what my kiddos are doing so I can share later.  I will say it feels good to be blogging again!  I’ve missed y’all!

Happy Teaching!

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