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Currently March

on March 1, 2014

I’m baaack!  Yes I know.  I hinted that back in January.  So moving on!  I’m linking up with Farley for another monthly Currently.  She’s had a blog makeover and it looks awesome!  Go check her out!

So let’s do this!Listening- So I’m way behind the times and finally read the series this last summer.  Being a sucker for a good love story I got hooked.  Then my wonderful husband decided to aid my new addiction and bought me the complete series on Blu-Ray.  It’s taking me forever to do this post because I’m watching so intently.  Try to focus…try to focus…

Loving- I think spring weather is coming to East Texas and I’m loving it!  While we didn’t have the snow that most teachers I follow got (or my parents for that matter) but we did get ice.  Let me tell you.  East Texans and ice do not mix.  At all.  Simple as that.  So needless to say that this warm weather is a welcomed thing!

Thinking- I need to file papers.  Both at school and at home.  It’s getting bad.  In both places.  Hoping to get a good jump on it during spring break.  We shall see…

Wanting- How many of us just want one day?  One day.  Sigh…

Needing- If I can feel it on my neck, it’s time to cut.  Loving my short hair!????- Why this number?

Well that’s it.  I’m getting things prepped for next week and I’m going to share.  I know!  Shocking!  But I promise.  I’ll share.  🙂  So anyways go click Farley’s button above and read some other great blogs!  See y’all soon!

Happy Teaching!

4 responses to “Currently March

  1. Deb says:

    Oh, filing! When doesn’t it need to be done! Hope you enjoy Spring Break. 🙂

  2. Kim Lander says:

    Ohh my I feel the filing issue here too! I am planning to work through some of the health insurance files right after I finish my coffee! I’m glad you are getting some spring weather, when you tire of it can you send it to Kansas?! Have a wonderful day!

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