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This week…Very quickly!

on September 30, 2013

So everyone is doing these fancy visual plans and I love seeing them.  But making them?!  Well…Not yet.  I’ll get there.  But I did want to share with you what we’re doing this week.  I do love seeing what learning is going on in the other classrooms of the blogs I stalk read.  It really refreshes me, gives me new ideas, and reassures me that I’m not alone in the trenches.  But I’m straying from the point!

Okay so I’ll share what’s going on in each subject as well as any stations I’m doing…

Math- we are learning plane shapes and organized lists.  My kiddos are really enjoying this as they know shapes pretty well already.  So they think it’s easy peezy!  But the organized lists are throwing them for a loop!  We will be reviewing this later this week.

Reading- We use Houghton Mifflin Journeys and we are on Unit 1 Lesson 5.  This covers short u, Gus Takes the Train, elements of a story, and adjectives- color and number words.  Last week we learned size and shape words.

Science- We learned today about what a scientist is.  I wanted to bring my husband’s lab coat, dress a kiddo up with all the “tools of the trade” a scientist might have, and slowly take items away.  All the while asking if the kiddo was still a scientist.  But alas…I forgot the lab coat.  Ugh.  So instead, I had them tell me what they think a scientist is.  See chart below:

A couple of them said scientists make potions and one said they make them explode!  Love it!  I pretty much told them that they were right.  Scientists do these things.  Then I asked if they were scientists.  They said no, but they could grow up to become one.  I asked if I was a scientist.  Lots of nos on this one but one kiddo popped up and said that I know a lot of stuff to teach them so yes I was.  Cutie!  I then informed them that ALL of them were scientists and showed them what a scientist does while making this chart:

Please ignore the writing mistakes and horrible art work!  I’m not either of my sisters…who can both draw…sigh…anyways…They loved it!  Tomorrow we’ll start observing some properties of matter and be introduced to our science notebooks.  Yay!  Wednesday is an early release day so we will be teaching this kind of fast.  We’ll also look at the 3 states of matter- solids, liquids, gases.  They will even get to EAT one!  Surprise for them!  😀

So there you have it!  It’s not detailed at all.  But at least you know what’s going on in this Land of Learning.  Next post…Stations!  See y’all soon!

Happy Teaching!

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