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Teach Like A Pirate Chapter 2- Immersion

on June 30, 2013

I’m breaking a blogging rule- posting twice in 1 day.  But in my defense, my Five for Friday was supposed to be on Saturday.  So there you go!  Now…Aaaarrgh!

As has become my habit, I’m behind on this here book study.  But I’m thankful in that not only is this an awesome read, it’s an EASY read.  I mean like you can’t help but be engaged in the book.  So it won’t be hard for me to catch up.  Hopefully.  😉  But I’m veering from topic…

So Chapter 2 is called Immersion and it’s the letter i in Pirate.  This chapter talks about being more than just present and teaching from the front of the room.  It’s about being totally consumed and involved in the learning WITH your students.  Nothing else matters.  Just your kiddos, you, and the knowledge you want to give them.  And you know what?  The kiddos know when we’re immersed in our jobs and when we’re not.  Dave puts it best when he says, “An instructor who is fully immersed in the moment has a special type of intensity that resonates with great power in the classroom, regardless of the activity.” (pg. 16)  Need I say more?  This is how you’re going to engage those uninterested and struggling kiddos into at least trying.

Burgess explains how not being immersed is what can cause us to miss those “teachable moments.”  You know what I’m talking about.  Those moments that just happen when we least expect them and they become a powerful lesson for both you and your kiddos.  You just hop on the train and ride it to see what happens.  And usually, magic happens.  It’s a thing that stays with you for a long time.  Burgess says it best here:

“The teachable moment is called that because if you wait it will be gone!  It’s OK to surrender your structure in the pursuit of something far more valuable in the moment.” (pg. 18)

Now a show of hands…How many of us needed that permission?  How many of us needed that reminder as to why we love to teach?  I’ve been getting those reminders a lot lately through the great blogs I follow and read (seriously!) and reading that just reaffirmed that while I need my structures and routines, I also need to be okay with abandoning them on those special occasions where greater learning and enlightenment will occur.  Burgess affirmed this in one of the last sentences of this chapter:

“Having the right structure and using your time in the classroom effectively allows you the flexibility to let ‘the moment’ happen without any sense of guilt.” (pg. 18)

Hello!!!!  Thank you!!  I’ve had it happen before to me and I loved following the path of whatever was going on with my class and so did my kiddos!  They would go home bursting about it and the parents were always amazed at the intensity in how the kiddos responded to it.  So was I!  And thankfully, I was able to use that moment as a motivation for keeping my kiddos in their structure when we needed it.  They became even more comfortable with me, the room, each other, and we became more than just a class.  We became a family.  I hope I am able to immerse myself even more this year and get that feeling back!

So that’s the end of Chapter 2.  I’m going to work on Chapter 3 and so on in the days coming as well as work on the other book study I’m participating in.  Oh and I’ve just got to say this…So after I read and highlight, I go back and take notes on my iPad about what I’ve read to help me really make sure I’ve understood what I read.  Well I find myself copying down quotes like the ones I’ve shared with you because, quite frankly, Burgess says it best and in such a way that you can only use his words.  I could make a book of quotes with a whole chapter just devoted to him!  That’s how I’m being inspired.  What about you?  How immersed are you?  Do you need to work on “swimming” with your kiddos instead of just supervising?  Please share!  And check out these hosting posts to see other thoughts on this chapter.

Happy Teaching!

4 responses to “Teach Like A Pirate Chapter 2- Immersion

  1. I’m all about teachable moments! If I have one I just go for it! I love this book too. It’s such an easy read and after every chapter I feel so motivated!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for your post on the Immersion chapter of Teach Like a PIRATE!! I appreciate your focus on those magical teachable moments…we need as many of those as we can get!! I’m ready for my chapter in your quote book! 🙂

    • Wow! I’m honored you stopped by to read my post! I was fortunate to have some teachable moments with individual students this past school year. I’m working on my post for chapter 3 and I’ll be sharing that as it goes great with rapport too. I just love how you inspire us to have more of those moments. I’ve come to learn it’s why I teach. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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