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Lovin’ me some Bloglovin!

on June 26, 2013

Follow on Bloglovin

So if you’re an avid follower of other great teacher blogs, then you’re probably seeing this trend of talking about Bloglovin.  Well I’m hoping on board that train!  Google Reader is shutting down soon and many of us who follow lots of blogs like some type of reader to use to keep up with all those great posts.  Well I’ll be honest.  I didn’t use that.  In fact, up until a few months ago, I didn’t use anything.  Why?  Well for one, my blog (as I’m sure you can tell) is not from Google like Blogger is.  I’m with WordPress.  Just a personal choice really.  So I didn’t really explore the whole aspect of Google Reader (yet I have a Gmail account just for blogging stuff…I’m weird).

Then a few months ago, with the news of Google Reader shutting down getting hotter, Teaching Blog Addict suggested one reader- Feedly.  So I thought I’d try that as just waiting for the emails about posts wasn’t really working out for me- I was missing out on some limited time offers and such.  Yikes!  Now Feedly is an app only.  And it worked really good.  I had to manually find all my blogs but that was okay by me because I could put them in categories.  Yes!!  Only draw back- I told the main list to put the newest posts first.  Except it wouldn’t always.  Sometimes brand new posts would be 2 pages back or something.  Boo!

But then in the last few weeks, Bloglovin popped up on the radar.  So being one that’s game to try new things, I took a look at it.  And I’m loving it!!  If you use Google Reader currently, there is a great feature that helps you import your current feed.  Oh and it found my categories from Feedly and imported them too!!  Also, when you use Bloglovin on your PC, it will take you directly to the post giving that blogger credit in stats and yet still keeping you in the Bloglovin platform.  You’ll be able to read the post directly from the site, yet go back to your feed list.  The great apps for mobile devices have a great button at the bottom of the post once initially selected to do this too.  What?!  Everything you could want all at your finger tips?!  Sign me up!  So I’m all about Bloglovin now!  As a matter of fact, look right ——->  I’ve got my link to follow me on Bloglovin!  So why not sign up and be able to get ALL posts from ALL of your favorite bloggers?  😉

I’m linking up!  Click the button above to see other great blogs to follow on bloglovin’!

Happy Teaching!

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