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Where have you been?!

on June 13, 2013

Yes you’re looking at your computer screen correctly.  No I promise this is not a mirage.  I’m really here.  No seriously.  It’s really me. 🙂

My goodness have I missed y’all!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted ANYTHING!  But it’s not like I don’t have a good excuse.  In the pictures below you’ll get an idea of what I have been up to in my long, extended absence.  Add that to the fact that I worried about burn out before I reached summer vacation and you have a blogger on hold.  This year has been a roller coaster for me just at home.  That’s not even including what has happened in the classroom.  Yikes!  I’m hoping that now that things have settled down, I’ll be able to get back into things and really get this blog moving and grooving in a big way.

So first, a little bit about the happenings during my absence.

Alrighty starting at the top and going left to right:

  • First 2 small ones on top of each other are my living room.  We shoved my kitchen into so we could have new tile laid.  Long story short it should have been done before we moved in but I just won’t go there.  The large sheet of plastic is to keep the dust of demoing the old floor from spreading.  My hubby and I slept on the couches as our room was blocked off.  Fun.  I was without a kitchen for a week.  Sigh…
  • Next up, so far my only casualty from this whole moving around ordeal.  1 corningware dish.  No biggie.  Easily replaced.
  • Gorgeous, fragrant magnolia flower a kiddo gave me.  I could not help but smell that thing all day.  Loved it!
  • My last bulletin board of the year!  We did Surf Buddies by Corinna Gandara over at TPT (follow the link- it’s free!) and I had the kiddos tell me what they wanted to do over the summer.  It turned out great!  Such an easy activity!
  • Right underneath that I ordered a clipart CD from D.J. Inkers with a deal from Educents!  It was so easy and I’m glad I waited to use that $15 gift card from their start up promotion.  I can’t wait to use the CD!
  • Okay the next 2 pictures and the next 2 on the bottom row are all from the last day of school.  So I teach at a very small school outside the city, specifically on a prairie.  It’s a tradition that some upper classmen boys ride their horses to school.  So cool!  I was finally able to get photo evidence for those off the prairie that never believe me.  And just as I snapped, one large kiddo decided to STAND on the saddle while riding (I hope you can see that).  Scared me but it was still cool.  Then there’s my empty room and my overstuffed storage spot.  I hate packing up.  😦
  • After that the next four pictures.  My hair.  I have been growing it out for some time.  I even mentioned cutting it to donate here.  So yeah.  I finally did it!  Love my new do!!  Sending hair in to charity soon!
  • And then lastly, my parents came in for the weekend after school let out.  This is my dad and my daughter playing a very serious game of This Little Piggy.  Loved every moment with them!

So yeah.  Glad that’s all behind me now!  Now to look at the future!  One of the things I’m super excited about are a couple of book studies being hosted at some other blogs I follow (or will be following very shortly here).  More on that later.

So as I’m wrapping all this up and getting ready to look to the future, I realized something.  My blog is a year old.  Over a year old technically (if you’re counting the days).  While it’s not as big some of my favorites and I don’t have a shop anywhere (I’ll say yet because you just never know…), I have to say I’m proud of my little blog here.  I’ve got some followers and I’ve got new passion in what I do.  I think my intentions behind this project are being met.  I’m taking this venture very slowly so y’all bear with me!

Anyways, in light of my blog-iversary (and the fact that you’re still reading…I hope), I’ve got a couple of freebies that I made and used in my classroom this year.  I know it’s way late in the game for these, but there’s always next year!  Anyways, I hope you enjoy them and please leave me a comment if they work for you!

Classroom Freebies Manic MondayStay tuned for new things to come!

Happy Teaching!

5 responses to “Where have you been?!

  1. Fern Smith says:

    I found you from the Classroom Freebies link up, what a terrific freebie!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith’s Pinterest Boards!

  2. Thanks for this great freebie for suffixes. I found you on Classroom Freebies!
    I Dream of First Grade

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