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Last Five for Friday in April

on April 26, 2013

Can you believe today is the last Friday of the month?!  Where has the time gone?  I have 5 Monday’s left (which means 6 Tuesdays but who cares?).  No I’m not counting.  Not at all.  😉  So I was looking back at my pictures from this week…Yeah not much there.  That’s all due in part to testing.  I finished TPRI and have moved on to DIBELS.  But then I also helped out 3rd grade and gave the STAAR test to a couple of students.  (Geez…all these acronyms makes me feel like I’m back in my Army brat days…too bad I can’t go to the PX anymore!)  So yeah…I’ve been busy.  But I’m bound and determined to participate in Doodle Bugs Teaching weekly Five for Friday linky so I’m going to start my weekly happenings with last Friday actually.  So here we go…

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So Friday was totally awesome!  Well the end part of it was for sure, although that school day wasn’t bad at all.  🙂  Friday was Relay for Life in the local community and I was a member of my school’s team.  The highlight of the evening?  I was there WITHOUT my personal child OR husband!  Now please know that I love them dearly and love spending every moment I can with them.  But ever since my husband started his masters program about 2 years ago, I’ve rarely been alone.  While not a bad thing, I enjoyed being out there on my own not needing to look over my shoulder ever 2 seconds looking for my small one or wondering what my hubby was doing.  I just enjoyed!  And as you can see…

I went a little crazy and sprayed my hair frightening colors.  😀  It was our little fundraiser while we were there- spray your hair for a dollar.  I was the walking advertisement.  It worked!  I was spraying hair left and right!  I have a knack for creating polka-dots, zigzags, and other random designs with colored hairspray is seems.  But overall the whole night was touching and fun at the same time!  Relay for Life is a great organization!

Next up is this lovely illustration done by a student on an assignment.  I think she followed directions well!

It certainly made me laugh outright when I was grading that stack of papers earlier this week!  My husband thought I had gone nuts!  🙂

Then Monday being Earth Day, we spent the week talking about recycling and natural resources.  Today we capped things off with a project on how important trees are to us.  They had a list of items that come from trees and they drew a tree and cut the lists apart to glue the items on.  I challenged them further by trying to put the items on the part of the tree that they came from- trunk for furniture, etc.  It was a great way to end the week!

And start next week  for those that need to finish…

Then we have this here:

Here are those fact family flowers I talked about in a previous post.  This is my class combined with my doormate’s.  We share a lot.  🙂  Anyways, as the kiddos completed their flowers and we checked for correctness (good thing too- they forgot fact families!), we hung them up.  This little green valley is not bursting with blooms!  Definitely adds a good color on those stark white walls!

Now I’ll leave you with this…

My daughter vacuuming dried up play-doh before heading off to bed.  I was honestly surprised she did it because she usually runs from that thing and the regular vacuum…I smell a new chore for this child!  😉  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Teaching!

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