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Five for Friday

on April 12, 2013

So I thought I’d try this Five for Friday by Doodle Bugs Teaching as everyone is doing it and it looks like fun!  Click the button above to go see other great Five for Friday posts.  So here we go…

So this week was ITBS testing week and it was brutal.  We tested for 4 days and my room had to be covered so that the kiddos couldn’t get any help.  Made for a slightly gloomy week and a little crazy too.  Thursday, after the last test was completed, I started pulling the coverings off the walls and the kids acted like I was unwrapping giant Christmas gifts.  Ahhh to have such simple pleasures in life!  I’ve got some more paper to take down but that involves climbing on a footstool or chair.  I’ll do it Monday.  😛

I have a fun fact family craftivity in my math stations right now.  You can read all about it as well as get all the materials for it here.  This was created by one of my kiddos.  She did so good!  I’m combining my kids’ with those of my doormate’s class on a field scene on our wall across from our classrooms.  That field will covered with beautiful fact family flowers!

I was super impressed with this kiddo’s reasoning to this problem.  We’re doing another addition unit and we were learning about facts called doubles plus one- like 7+6.  You double the smallest part (6) and then add 1 more.  He did a great job giving  his reasons and of course I always love their creative spellings!  😉

Today was no testing for the first time all week!  So I decided that for our reading time, since we didn’t have anything structured to do, we’d explore the world of Laura Numeroff and we read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Pig a Party.  I then had the kiddos write their own If You Give a… stories and they did great!  I’ll be doing a separate post on that so be sure to check back later!

Finally, it was an absolutely, down right perfect day outside.  My doormate and I are doing our end of the year ritual of rewarding those who don’t move their clips down all week with lunch with us.  This keeps them motivated a little more as we wind the year down and they start to go, as some of my favorite bloggers use, cray-cray.  😉  Today (and everyday that is weather appropriate) we dined outside at the picnic tables there in front of the swings (if you can see them).  It was so nice having that relaxing time with them.  Of course I forgot my keys to get us back in the building so that made for an interesting experience of knocking on doors until someone heard us.  😛

So there you have it!  My Five for Friday!  How was your week?

Happy Teaching!


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