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The Books That Tell My Story

on March 31, 2013

So the fabulous Charity over at The Organized Classroom Blog has shared a wonderful story about books that played special roles in her life growing up.  It was heartwarming to read as it made me think about what I love about reading.  As a matter of fact, it made me remember when I read my first story to my mother.  I was so proud of myself!  You can read about that here.  But I’m straying from the point here.  So let me share with you the books that tell my story.

After I learned to read and started unlocking the magic of books, I read anything I could.  I remember getting the Little House on the Prairie series and I devoured that.  I’ve read the series several times and absolutely love it!  My favorite parts?  The love story of Laura and Almanzo.  🙂  I love love stories!  I know I’m a sap.  So anyways here’s a picture of my series.  WARNING: It was housed in my brothers’ (yes plural- there were 2 of them) for a time for some unknown reason.  The damage you see was incurred by them.  It pains my heart but now they are safe and cherished with me.  I think though that I’ll have to get my daughter her own copy so we don’t worry about these falling apart.

After that, I was given another series, Anne of Green Gables.  Now this one took me a little bit of time to get through.  But I want you to realize something- I got the series in like 4th or 5th grade.  It was probably a little advanced for me.  But I loved them just the same.  Anne was so vibrant and fun!  I loved reading about her journey through life.  Her passion for those that she loved and the things that she did just oozed from the page.  Below is a picture of my beloved books.  Please excuse them being out of order- my husband unpacked them and just simply placed them on the shelf.  I haven’t been able to organize the study yet.  It’s on the project list!  Obviously I kept this series out of my brothers’ reach as they are still in great condition.  I can’t wait to have my little girl read them!

Now around this same time (Easter time as I recall correctly…how perfect!) I received a special book from my parents.  It’s one I still love reading to this day.  Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.  A classic book.  But my parents didn’t just get me a copy of the book.  Oh no.  They got me this beautiful hardback edition that includes colored prints and other sketched illustrations.  I love it!  I have also worked to keep this book in great shape.  I’ve read it several times and I still find something new that I didn’t realize.  I definitely relate to the amount of siblings as I’m the oldest of 5 kids- 2 sisters and 2 brothers in that order.  Thinking about it, I think I’m most like Meg, the oldest.  She and I take care of our younger siblings and act way more grown up than we probably needed to at times.  But that’s what happens when you’re the oldest in a large family.  But I admire Jo’s ability to write good stories and be so passionate about life.  Beth is sweet and loving while Amy is…well…Amy.  Actually Amy reminds me of one of my sisters- Gweneth, #2 in the line up.  Both artists.  Both very different personality wise compared to the rest (Amy is in my opinion).  But both have good hearts and come through in the end.  Jo and Gweneth are also a lot alike.  Anyways I’m starting to overanalyze and now I want to read the book again with these thoughts to see if I’m right (it’s been a while!).  🙂

I also loved and enjoyed the classics.  I have read everything from The Scarlet Letter (5-6 times by the end of high school), Mark Twain (see the book below of the collection of stories my mom got me), Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations, and…I can’t remember any more but I’m sure they are there!  This was all between middle school and high school.  Not joking.  Now while I could read all the words and such I don’t know if I really truly understood the books, at least the first time I read them.  If I went back and read them again, they were much clearer and I could concentrate on finer details.  Later, when I got my Kindle a few years ago I was able to stock up on classics for free.  Now I’ve read and fallen in love with Jane Austen.  Remember, I love a good love story!

Now a days, when I’m not reading professional books and such, it’s romance, fiction, and more classics.  Thanks to my Kindle and the tons of free books I’ve found, I’ve been reading more nonfiction (mainly biographies) and other types of books that I would have otherwised missed.  But while I absolutely love my Kindle, I still sometimes have to read an actual book.  I have to feel the pages and look at the cover.  I guess I either connect better with them that way or holding an old favorite book brings back memories.  Regardless, I love to read.  It’s always been a part of my life and I’m working to instill this love in my daughter- so far so good!  Reading is a huge reason as to why I became a teacher.  Watching my babies read something and know that they did it on their own is a priceless experience that I cherish always.  🙂

So what books did you love growing up?  What do you love to read now?  Please share!

Happy Teaching!

2 responses to “The Books That Tell My Story

  1. Meg says:

    Anne of Green Gables was Always my favorite!

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