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Ups and Downs

on March 30, 2013

Wow!  What a week!  It was only 4 days but it sure felt longer!  This week has been a true journey.  It started with great sadness and ended happily.  It drained me and encouraged me.  Quite frankly though, I’m glad it’s over and that my 3-day weekend has started.  So to fill you in just a bit…

The great sadness was the loss of a beautiful family in a bad accident.  We lost 2 sweet students who were taught by my wonderful doormate.  It rocked my school’s community.  But instead of falling apart, we just banded together.  The community my school is a part of quickly joined hands and has done nothing but take care of the family members and the sweet kiddos affected by this.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster for many around me and I know this weekend will help many get back on an even track.  Please join me in praying for the family and friends who are mourning this big loss…

Thank you for that.  But like I said above, while we started this week in sadness, it ended with smiles.  Thursday was our Easter celebration and we had loads of fun!  We did an Easter Egg Hunt and then capped off the celebration with popsicles.  Yum!  Then (as always) I sent kids on sugar highs home for a nice 3-day weekend.  🙂  My parents really love me!  😉  Below are some pictures from the festivities:

Eggs numbered and ready to go!  In this picture there are 12 per kid.  I numbered 4 more sets the next day and then found 2 MORE sets just before we went out to hunt.  Yep.  They left loaded with eggs.  🙂

A hunting we will go…A hunting we will go…

I numbered the eggs to go with their classroom numbers.  They had to find their numbers and help others around them.  It was funny watching on student be called by 3 different ones in all directions saying they found their number.  They couldn’t figure out where to run to first!  Haha!

Earlier this week my kiddos did a little project to get us in the Easter spirit- painting paper eggs with shaving cream and paint!  One of my parents helped me set it up after she saw my doormate’s class do it.  So she loaded me up with cans of shaving cream and pre-cut eggs while I pulled out my old paints.  Now I learned some valuable lessons in all this:

  1. Older acrylic paints clump up and clog the lid of the bottle.  After some almost paint explosions I figured this out managed to keep the spatters very small and contained.  New paints are on the shopping list for next year.  😛
  2. While it’s great having choices of colors, don’t let the kiddos pick more than 2-3 really.  I had 6 colors.  Some picked all 6.  You’ll see why below in the pictures.
  3. Make sure you demonstrate how to swirl the paints around in the shaving cream- not stir.  Fortunately I did this and most of them got the concept.
  4. Make sure they scrape off ALL the shaving cream.  Some eggs didn’t turn out as good as they would have if I had seen early on that there was still a fine layer of shaving cream.  Once it dried it was stick.  This leads to a side lesson- use fat popsicle sticks to scrape.  Easier that way.

So below are the pictures of the eggs as they were drying.  Some of them swirled quite nicely.  Others are obscured by the shaving cream.  If you were in front of the eggs themselves and could look closely, you would see the swirled design under the shaving cream clumps.  So it did work.

See the swirls?  That’s the good part.  🙂

I really did like this project and plan to do it again next year.  But this time with fewer colors, new paints, and more diligence.  🙂

So that’s all for now.  I’m working on some other posts that will be popping up soon concerning stations and a neat link up.  I can’t wait!  See y’all soon!

Happy Teaching!

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