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Currently… still here!

on February 3, 2013

Wow!  Okay I can’t believe how much time has flown!  I am also still trying to get the license plate of the truck called the last couple of weeks.  Whew!  If it’s not been stuff going on at work, it’s been the house.  We are so ready to have the house back and be somewhat normal.  I want to cook meals again and have things put away properly…Okay drifting.  It will come.  This post is just to reaffirm my status as living and to participate in Farley’s Currently over at Oh Boy 4th Grade.  Here we go:

My husband has interesting television interests.  To each his own!

Today was the first day in many days that we had nowhere to be!  So I spent most of the day in my jammies!  Loved it!

However, a day spent in pajamas usually means a day in which no real work gets done.  So yeah…

And can I just say that I hate grading papers?  Oh…I just did?  Hmmmm…

Yeah cleaning and grading keep nagging me…

My pet peeve is one that happens occasionally and drives me batty!  I get distracted from the extra noise!  I’m talking about a situation where it’s supposed to be one person talking and everyone listening.  If someone one else is talking, humming, or something I can’t concentrate.  Sheesh!

So anyways, go check out Farley’s page here to see other currently postings!


12 responses to “Currently… still here!

  1. df says:

    I just found you through Farley’s Currently. I decided yesterday that my absolute least favorite thing about being a teacher is grading papers!!! Ugh…

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Found you through the Linky party!

  3. Hilary says:

    I found your blog through Farley’s currently as well. I also have the impending stack of papers to grade, ugh.
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  4. I love days in jammies! And strawberry picking sounds AMAZING!

  5. Julie Buda says:

    I know what you mean about when other people are talking or making noise…it seems like that is always the case at staff development or meetings!

    I found you through Farley’s Currently. Love your blog!

  6. Antoinette says:

    Thanks for commenting on our blog! I was so sad to see Flashpoint end. Did you watch the final two episodes? They were very intense. You commented about getting motivation. I sure had it tonight so your good luck must have worked. Unfortunately I didn’t get it until around 9 and thus am still awake! lol
    I love Once Upon a Time but can never remember to watch it. I have a lot of catching up to do.
    Antoinette 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I did not get to see Flashpoint end. Now that it’s on Netflix I hope to remedy that. 🙂 Glad your motivation came back! Mine is present but my body cannot continue. So sleep for me to tackle things head on tomorrow! My husband has been trying to get me into Once Upon a Time, I just have been too busy and distracted with work and our house renovations to get into it. But that might change once we get moved back in. I love a good fantasy! I hope you get some rest soon and that motivation is there tomorrow as well! 🙂

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