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Starting the new year off right- BUSY!

on January 9, 2013

So Christmas break is done.  Boo!  Time to get 2013 kicked off to a great start.  Yay!  While I’m missing my break, I was happy to see my firsties on Tuesday and get the second semester rolling.  I’ve been working on setting up new stations for math and reading.  We’re starting our middle of the year benchmarks for reading AND math this week so I need to have everything in place by Wednesday.  Oy.  So here’s what I’ve got planned for math:

Bucket #1- Ladybug Partner Bingo- Time to the Hour and Half Hour & Time to Go Fishing- Go Fish

So I decided to put 2 activities in this bucket since I’ll be doing benchmarking and won’t be in my room to actively monitor my dear students.  The aide that will be monitoring them will also be monitoring my doormate’s class as well.  So yeah.  Okay.  We did our time topic a couple of weeks before the Christmas break and I really wanted to get a station bucket going with the skill so as to maintain it.  We’re also practicing telling time to the hour and half-hour during calendar time.  So anyways here they are:

The Ladybug Partner Bingo was created by Mrs. Kilby from Confessions of a Primary Teacher and you can get this cute little game here.  It’s a freebie!  I found this last year and used it and loved it! I printed the 2 game boards and put them on file folders.  I put an envelope on the back of the folder to hold the cards.  Nice and neat!

This game is a new one to me but I know my kiddos are going to love it!  It came with 2 games and I chose the Go Fish version.  It’s made by Penny Wiegel and you can get it here.  It’s a freebie too!

Bucket #2- I Have, Who Has: Place Value Ones and Tens & Tens and Ones Bingo

Place value also occurred right before Christmas.  Again trying to maintain that stuff in their slippery brains!  😉

This is from Melissa McMurray from F is for First Grade and you can get it here.  Freebie!  This is another one that I found last year and I just threw it in my stations not really thinking about it.  I knew what the game was but for some reason I didn’t think it mattered.  And it didn’t!  The kids pass out the cards among their group and then just start going through the questions and matching them with their answers.  As they do this they lay their cards on the floor and in the end it makes a circle, matching all questions and answers.  They love figuring it out and this is right up my current firsties’ alley!

The second game is one that another teacher gave me.  Sorry I forgot to snap a picture of it!  The bingo boards have base 10 blocks showing various numbers.  The calling cards have the same blocks with the printed number underneath.  Nothing elaborate by any means but effective in doing the job.  My kids love bingo so it’s perfect!

Bucket #3- Last Snowman Standing- Sum of 2 Dice

Okay this came from Math Wire.  You can find it exactly here.  It’s down towards the bottom of the page.  It goes great with the season, practices addition, and practices tally marks.  Perfect!  It’s also got 2 other versions of the same game- Difference of 2 Dice and One Die Toss.  All are played the same way and instructions are included.

Bucket #4- Base 10 Puzzles & Place Value Rock- Writing Numbers

Yes it’s one more bucket of place value.  But honestly that’s such an important skill.  I just can’t let it go.  That and I had a tone of activities all set to go from last year so…  🙂

This came as a result of a long and exhausting search of exactly this last year.  I was all over Google to no avail when I finally decided to give this Pinterest thing a try.  I already had an account but hadn’t done much with it.  I typed in my search and holy moly!  I had died and gone to heaven!  That really kicked off my Pinterest addiction!  But it also introduced me to TPT, teacher blogging, and this great activity!  It’s from Mrs. Berg of First Grade Schoolbox and you can get it here.  Another freebie of course!  After I printed on cardstock and laminated them, I cut each card into puzzle pieces.  I’m talking the different zigzag lines and such.  Yeah I was crazy.  But I had help doing it and it really benefited my kiddos.  So there!

This one is from Shuna Patterson of Pocket Full of Kinders and you can get it here.  Yes it’s free!  (Are you noticing a trend here?)  She’s got several great activities in this packet.  I decided to have them do the write the room option towards the end.  The recording sheet is laminated to be reused.  Another great practice in looking at place value and knowing those numbers.

Bucket #5- EnVision topic games

Like I’ve said before…I’ve got to have at least 1 no brainer!  😉

Bucket #6- One Less

Last one promise!  And I’m just now realizing that I have no picture of this.  Nuts.  Okay it’s basically a game where the kids roll a die and then cover a number on the board that is 1 less than what they rolled.  Each player has 10 chips to cover the numbers and 1 board to share.  First one to use all their chips wins.  Pretty simple!

Okay so that was just math.  Whew!  I’m finishing up my reading stations and I’ll get back to you on that.  We’re having fun doing a special unit this week as it’s a short week for the kiddos.  What are you doing in your stations this week?  Are you glad to be back?  😉  Come share!

Happy teaching y’all!

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