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Merry Math Stations!

on December 3, 2012

So now that Thanksgiving is done, it’s time to get into the season.  The Christmas season that is!  So I was bound and determined to have as many Christmas themed stations as possible.  So thanks to my awesome doormate, TPT, and the awesome bloggers out there who create this stuff, I was able to do it!  So here are my math stations for the rest of the time until break.  Let’s start with…

Bucket #1: Snowball Fact Families

Those bears are too cute!  This came from Chery at Easy Peasy Primary Resources at TPT.  It’s a sample activity from a mega pack she created.  Chery makes awesome activities!  She is one of the first stores I started following and I’m so glad I did.  So anyways you can get this sample pack here.  You might want to check out her whole store.  She’s got some great stuff in there!

This leads us to Bucket #2: Roll a Santa

I love this activity!  It’s sooooo cute!  It’s another freebie from another great TPT store, Kinderglynn by Donna Glynn.  My kids instantly fell in love with this activity and are having a blast.  What I love is that there are 3 different roll sheets for them to play.  Love it!!  Get it here!

Okay now Bucket #3: Christmas Lights Patterns

So this is one that my doormate came up with.  We just finished a unit on patterning and we both felt that we needed something to cover it in our stations for at least a little while.  We also wanted to keep within the Christmas spirit/theme.  Whala!  I give total credit to her as I was exhausted and had no brain power left.  So the kiddos trace the tree and then draw strings of lights.  They then color lights in patterns.  Now my doormate used our die cuts and gave her kiddos actual Christmas lights.  I’m so going to do that for the second rotation.  I frankly ran out of time and it was either they draw or wait.  None of us wanted to wait.  😉  I’ll show you how they look with the lights when we do that.  🙂

Bucket #4: Roll a Christmas Tree

Someone on my team found this last year and we all just L-O-V-E-D it!  It’s so simple and yet the kiddos just can’t get enough of it!  I make it harder by saying they can’t draw any ornaments until they have the 3 triangles to make the tree.  Hehehehe!  They love a good challenge.  So I had to scrounge around to find out where it came from and I was successful!  It’s at Little Giraffes (formerly known as Mrs. Flanagan’s Kindergarten- The Little Giraffes) and you can get it here.  Go here so you can see all her Christmas ideas too!

Bucket #5: Envision topic games

No pictures of this one.  These games are from our topic openers from our math program.  We use Scott Foresman’s EnVision Math.  It’s the one station that never changes in that it always has theses openers.  I just change them out as we go through the topics.  Hey I need 1 no brainer out of the bunch!  😉

Now last but not least is Bucket #6: Christmas Tree Number Sentence Make and Take

Remember my turkey mat activity?  Well this is the Christmas version!  Once again my brilliant doormate was the one that had the aha!  moment!  Love her!  So anyways they roll the die one time and glue that many red ornaments on.  Then roll the die again for the green ornaments.  They then write 1 addition sentence and 1 subtraction sentence about their ornaments.  Oh and the ornaments?  Bingo counter die cut.  🙂  Below are some examples from my great kiddos!

Again very simple but honestly my brain is slowly turning to mush.  Only 3 weeks left, right?  😉  Oh and don’t you just love the snow on my blog?  Such a great way to celebrate the season!  Anyways I hope I gave you some ideas.  Leave a message and tell me what you think!  Here’s to surviving  enjoying the last little bit!

Happy Teaching!

2 responses to “Merry Math Stations!

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love all of your Christmas stations for the kids! I also had to make sure that I had lots of educational Christmas stations because my kiddos were ready to be done for the month by the time December 1st rolled around!! I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award!! Congratulations! Stop by my blog and learn all about it!


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