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How it all turned out

on December 2, 2012

So I know that Thanksgiving is all done and everyone is moving on to Christmas.  Believe me I am too!  But I really wanted to show you how those turkeys came out.  You know…the craft I was sooooo nervous about because it involved PAINT!  You can read about my apprehensions here.  Well I’m pleased to say that my students did AWESOME!  They kept things as neat and tidy as possible and their turkeys came out sooooooooo cute!  I’m so proud of them!  Okay I’m about to bombard you with pictures!

So here is how the turkeys started out.  I tried gluing the toilet paper roll but that didn’t work so I just did tape on the top and bottom.   Much better.  Then you just paint, add googly eyes and a beak, and you’re set!

See?  Cute right?

Here is a student turkey.

And another.  Isn’t this one neat with the mixed colors?  I love how each one is unique!

And another.  His beak makes me laugh every time!

And another.  And that’s the last one.  Promise!  🙂

Now here is my whole bulletin board.  Thank you panoramic feature on the iPhone!  I’m still kinda shaky with it but you get the idea.  I just left the spiders and jack o’ lanterns because it’s all part of the fall season and I love having a FULL bulletin board.  🙂

Okay I have one more thing to share that I’m rather proud of.  So if you haven’t discovered Math Wire you really should go there.  It has got some awesome math games and ideas and it’s all FREE!  They have things organized by skill and even seasons.  So I went looking for some fall/turkey related things and found these turkeys feathers.  It’s simply called a turkey mat and you can get it here.  Just scroll down to Seasonal Counting and Addition Mats.  Now there’s no real directions so here is what I did.  I printed out turkeys and sheets of feathers for each student.  Since there were 12 turkeys to each page, I simply had the students roll a die.  That told them how  many feathers to color red.  They rolled the die again and colored that many feathers orange.  They then cut out the turkey and colored feathers and glued the feathers to the turkey.  They then had to write 1 addition sentence and 1 subtraction sentence about their feathers.  Below is an example.

See?  Very simple but the kiddos loved it!

So anyways that’s how things went for me with Thanksgiving.  It got really hectic towards the start of the break as my team had teachers out sick and lots of subs so at one point, I had 4 classes in my room for a quick social studies lesson.  Yep.  You read that right.  4.  Why?  Because the lesson was mainly via PowerPoint and it was easier if I did it all at once rather than try to set up 3 others classes separately.  In the end it all worked out.  So I hope you enjoyed this!  Stay tuned for my Christmas plans!

Happy Teaching

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