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Dinosaurs and Hopping Hippos

on November 9, 2012

Okay I want to say that for the record that I’ve tried to write this post 3 times tonight. Computer was not liking me.  So here’s hoping 4th time’s a charm.  Okay…On with the show:

What a title for my comeback post!  So sorry I’ve been MIA.  Moving a household into an apartment and a storage unit is no easy task.  Needless to say I’ve gone a little C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!  Ack!!!!  But I’m not going to dwell.  Nope!  On with the show!

So Hopping Hippos.  They would be these guys:

Aren’t they cute?!  They came with my classrom and they are all one color- red.  So quite frankly, I’ve not known what to do with them.  Until  I was working with a small math group this week and I was teaching them how to use a number line to add and subtract.  At first I just had them using their fingers to move up and down the line.  But I felt like they would do better and not have to worry about where their fingers should be if they had a mover.  Suddenly, I had an idea.  The hippos!  I usually use connecting cubes.  But the hippos (as stated already) have had no use for me.  Well as of now, Hopping Hippos will be our official math movers!  Here’s one in action:

They are perfect for my firsties!  My small group loves them and always reminds me to grab their Hopping Hippos when I dig out the number lines.  Now I’m sure you’re thinking it’s no big deal.  But when those babies love something like that and really use it to help them learn, it’s a winner in my book!

Okay now for the dinosuars!

Now just remember I’m from East Texas.  Little did I know that there was a published author in our area.  Until our very smart librarian found him and invited him to come visit our campus.  Enter Michael Bearden!  He wrote a book with his daughter about Marus the Longneck and it’s published.  I’ve got it on my bookshelf over there.  ———->

So anyways, he did a great job with the kids!  He told Marus’ story in  such a great way.  Not a single first grader made a sound.  Amazing!  Then an actual dinosaur showed up!  (It was a person in a costume of course.)  Talk about excitement!  They just loved him!  I’ll be honest and say I didn’t stay much after that.  It was my conference period and I really needed to get a couple of things down.  But the kids were so excited when they came back.  I’m so glad they got to experience this.

So anyways that’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to.  I know I had promised in the past pictures of my classroom and how things are arranged.  So in light of that I’ll be starting Flashback Fridays to get me caught up on all that.  I’ll be bombarding you with pictures so be prepared!  Hopefully you’ll be able to see something you can use.  So be on the lookout!

Happy Teaching!!

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