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These are a few of my unfavorite things…

on October 4, 2012

Okay yes I’m still alive.  Yes I wanted to post way sooner.  But between packing, grading, and benchmark testing I haven’t been able to tell you which end is up.  But it has gotten better…I think.  😉

So why unfavorite things?  Why not my favorite things?  Well I’ll tell you.  I love what I do.  I love working with each of my little friends no matter what and I would not trade it for anything.  I really do feel that I’m doing exactly what was intended and anyone that knows me personally would agree (I hope!).  But that doesn’t mean it’s all daisies and sunshine.  Since I found the world of teacher blogs, I’ve actually been encouraged by the posts that show other teachers dealing with the exact same struggles as myself and those I work with.  I think, sometimes, we start to feel isolated within our campus, grade level, or our own classroom.  We forget that we are not alone in working with these babies and the difficulties that accompanies this huge task.  But it’s not really the struggles mentioned in these posts that touches me the most.  It’s the determination behind them.  It’s the “I WILL succeed!” you feel as you read and watch these amazing people decide to go past the struggles.  So let me start my list with the task that inspired me…

  1. Sharpening pencils.  Holy moly do I hate doing it.  But frankly it’s the only way they get done.  I couldn’t trust my second grade babies with an electric sharpener so I certainly can do that with my firsties.  Especially with pencils that have the really fun prints because that’s not paint.  Oh no.  That’s some type of paper covering that tears up any pencil sharpener known to man.  This leads me to…
  2. Pencils that don’t work.  What could I possibly mean by that if I’m sharpening them?  Well the pencils mentioned above I don’t even sharpen at all.  I tell my kids take them home and use them there  for special things.  This way I’m not hurting any feelings.  But some do press for a better explanation and I honestly tell them why and they do understand.  Now last year there was this one particular brand of pencils that, when you’re sharpening them, the lead would break inside the pencil and just slide right out.  No joke.  You’d be sharpening, thinking all is good, when you hear, “Click”.  That “click” wasn’t the sharpener.  It was the lead breaking.  I went through so many pencils trying to get them sharpened.  One day I caused my sharpener to burn out!  Okay on to something else…
  3. Absent kids.  I don’t want them to get sick as that’s no fun.  But I really don’t like dealing with the make-up work that follows.  There is no time in the schedule to go back and reteach those lessons.  I have to hope they get it in the 30 second version.  Not easy.  Next would be…
  4. Shoes.  Not my shoes.  If you know me then you would know I LOVE shoes.  My husband tries to understand my condition but it’s really hopeless…but I digress!  I hate tying shoe laces.  Only because chances are they’ve been in a mouth as well as dragged all over every floor between my room and their house.  G-R-O-S-S!
  5. Jackets.  This is a recent thing because I’ve almost slipped on a couple this year and it’s only October!  Goodness me!  They are working on it though and it’s already better.  This will soon go away.  🙂
  6. Papers.  It’s so tough grading them and shuffling them from the Finished Work bucket to their mailboxes (although I’m fortunate to have an aide help me with that part!).  I especially dislike the ones that give me paper cuts!
  7. Frustration.  I don’t mean mine.  I mean my  in  my babies.  My little darlings who try so hard and still can’t seem to grasp a concept.  I’m desperately trying to help them reach that goal.  But I have to brag.  I’ve got some hard workers with great determination.  No matter what I ask them to do, regardless of if they can do it or not, they try hard.  I can’t ask for anything more.  It makes me work harder to help them get over those hurdles.  But it also makes seeing their frustration that much more painful.  Sigh…It’s a never-ending cycle…
  8. Not having that magic wand.  Y’all know what I’m talking about.  That magic wand they haven’t invented yet.  The one that, when you wave it, everything is better.  All the boo boos, head aches, tummy aches, and any other ailments are better and all students are happily learning.  I think they’re supposed to come out with a parent model as well.  I’m on the waiting list.  I wish they would hurry up.
  9. The bathroom.  It’s just far enough that I can’t always hear what’s going on.  It’s a place where so many get into trouble.  How many times have my doormate and I said they should rebuild our campus with a small bathroom shared between 2 rooms?  We wouldn’t have to have set bathroom times.  They could just go and be right there with us at all times.  Oh if we only lived in a perfect world!
  10. Uncertainty.  This is on my part.  Haven’t you wondered and thought, “Did I do enough for that student/class?”  I do a lot.  Sometimes I’m able to boost myself up with just enough of a yes as shown by evidence.  Other times the answer may be no for a multitude of reasons.  other times I truly don’t know.  This is  one of those things that makes me work harder each day.  I’ve just had to learn not to go overboard and forget I have a family too.

So there you have it.  My current unfavorite things.  Or at least the top 10.  But for each one of those, there are several favorite things.  Those favorite things are great to reflect on and recharge my batteries.  Chocolate just helps speed that along.  😉  Now that I’ve gotten that out, it’s time to move forward.  I’m hoping to bury these unfavorite things under a year filled with learning, hard work, laughter, growth, and smiles.  And you know what?  It’s already started!  🙂

So what are your unfavorite things?  Anything unusual?  Let’s air them out!  After that we can eat chocolate.  🙂  (Can you tell I’m in a smiley face mood?)

Happy Teaching!

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