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Change is in the air…

on September 17, 2012

Yes I’m still here! No my firsties have not swallowed me whole… Yet. 😉 Kidding! I am loving my students and have been MIA from the blogging world trying to take care of them. I almost always seem to forget how draining establishing routines can be on my mind and body. Losing my voice after the first couple of days doesn’t help either. But that’s okay too. Things are starting to take a normal tone. For now. 🙂

So where have I been? Working, taking care of my daughter, and giving my husband the time he needs to work on his masters. Throw in my birthday (meaning family trip to the lake house) and some showers and you get one tired lady! But I digress… My title for this post is significant for a couple of reasons.

First being that my campus said good bye to our principal of three years. She is leaving us for another position. While we’re going to miss her, we wish her luck in her new endeavors and hope she does well. We do not know yet who our new principal is going to be (scary thought!) but we plan to carry on and know that we are going to be okay. Change is not a bad thing.

On that note, here’s my latest news as of this evening. My house (unfortunately) was built with toxic Chinese drywall. It is made with sulfur compounds and emits a sulfide gas. It’s corroding and tarnishing everything as well as being smelly (although we don’t notice it due to the fact we’ve lived in it too long to know). So long story short, we are part of a major settlement to get the house fixed. This means the walls and ceilings are being torn down inside and redone along with HVAC and electrical. Full scale renovations. We are moving out while this is being done. We’ve been waiting for two years now to get the news we got tonight. Our move out date. We have to be out of the house by mid November. WOOOHOOO!!

While I’m excited, reality is setting in and we’re starting the packing process. This may mean I’m MIA more often. I’m hoping not but we all know life has a way of changing how things happen. I’m asking for patience and understanding if I am absent at times. Know that I want to be with y’all but that I must take care of my family as well. I’ll post updates as things really get going and hope to turn this into a fun adventure.

Okay back to teacher mode! So I got an idea of something to make tonight and if it works out like I hope it does, it might be a shareable thing. Like a product you can use. My second one. I’m starting to see where all these teachers get their ideas to create and sell. Here’s hoping it works out. I’ll be looking for input. My room looks better now I’ve got supplies put away and stations really going. I’ll do a picture post real soon. I’ll also share how I stay organized and some of my little tricks to this trade. So stay tuned!

Happy Teaching!


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  1. […] got this started, I was moving back into my house after our renovations were done (read about why here) and she did not take that real well.  The school ended up calling me so I could talk to her […]

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