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Ready or not…here they come!

on August 26, 2012

Well tomorrow is it.  The first day of school.  My little first graders will be walking into my room ready for me to fill their eager brains with great knowledge.  And I am more than ready for it.  My plans are perfect and my room is spotless.  All materials ready to be used at a moment’s notice.  It will be a perfect year.

Ha!  Yeah right!

No I am pretty ready.  Friday night I met 17 out of my 19 new first graders that are supposed to walk through my door.  It was so much fun to meet them too.  Before that, I was starting to panic about getting my room ready.  I have been doing a lot of work for my awesome team (I’m team leader for the year) and I got a little behind.  That and trying to make my bulletin board look great, I got some much appreciated help from a great aide in our building and my awesome doormate.  I then stayed a little later after the families and kids left and got more under control.  Tomorrow morning I’m going in super early to avoid traffic issues and finish up what I need to get done.  I’m good to go.

So tonight I’m just doing some last minute prep work and making sure I stay calm.  My prep work involves setting up my weekly binder.  In my school, we divy up our lesson plan writing responsibilities.  We then post them on the district server and it’s up to us to print what we need.  Well I was using a big lesson plan book from Lake Shore and basically was re-writing all my plans.  Well no more!  I’ve been using a binder that I empty and refill each week with the needed plans.  When I move plans out, I put them in a large binder and keep them for a year so I can go back as necessary.  We also get a weekly update from our principal each week that I put in the front of the plans so I know what’s happening around the school.  In my large plan book, I wrote down what we had for CLAMP (computer, library, art, music, P.E.) along with what students were absent and daily conduct issues.  We also have 3 different playgrounds that we rotate through so I always wrote down which playground we were on (someone would always forget!).  While I’m wanting to only use the binder, I still want to record absences, conduct things, CLAMP, and playground rotations weekly as well for my records.

So I created something.  And I want to share it with you.  My first ever creation to share with the teacher blogging world.  I’m a little nervous.  I’m calling it a Week at a Glance.  You can get it here.  The font is from Kathy Law at First Grade a la carte.  She did an awesome job with it and I think it makes the page a little more fun to use every day.  If you like what her font looks like, please let her know.  She’ll be excited to hear it.

Well I really need to finish up, shower, and try to sleep before the big day.  Sorry for lack of pictures.  I’ll do a big picture post some time this week showing off my room and my binders that I spoke of above.  In the meantime, let me know what you think of my Week at a Glance.  If I can modify it for you, please contact me.  To all of us starting tomorrow, good luck!

Happy teaching y’all!

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