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The Wonderful World of Mathematics the Finale…FINALLY!

on August 14, 2012

So here is the final wrap up to my adventures at CAMT.  I promise this is it!  I kept rereading this post and my previous one trying to see why something didn’t seem right.  Hence the delay.  Then one day, I was picking up things and gathering my school stuff to start getting it back in room and then it hit me.  I forgot to tell about a session I went to on day 2 that was my favorite!

Have you ever heard of The Learning Carpet?  No?  Well just click the name and you can learn more.  Specifically, a teacher in Canada put a 100-grid on the floor.  A large one.  One that the kids could walk on.  Yes she used it as a giant 100 chart.  But she did so much more with it.  And you know what?  She encouraged us to go out, make our own chart (on the floor, on carpet remnant, a shower curtain) and teach.  Why?  Because if you buy her carpet, you pay $299.  While well worth the money, she knows it’s not always possible.  But she believes this great tool so much that she told us to make our own.  For her it’s not about the money.  So refreshing!  Below are some pictures of what we did.  So many possibilities!  Oh and I took a chance and went to their sale table to try to buy her book.  I got THE LAST ONE!  WHOOP!!

Here it is as a 100 chart.  Oh, can you tell me why those certain numbers are black?  😉

You can do more than math with it!  She did so much more but I was too busy watching and forgot to snap pictures.  Oops!

Okay so day 3 was very short and sweet as it was the last day.  My first session that I attended was on Dinah Zikes’ foldables.  It was a lot of fun!  We were very busy folding and tucking with a little bit of cutting.  In about an hour and a half, we created several samples of foldables and learned of the MANY possibilities to use them.  I hope I remember them all!  If you go to her website (click her name) you can see some videos.  Here are a couple of videos of some finished products.  Out of respect to her and her products (books), I have not included directions to make these.  Again see her website.  Oh and we did not use ANY glue or tape.  Pretty cool!

A mini-folder.

A little folding and a little cutting.  Tuck here and insert there.  A multi-page book!

Rather than fold, unfold, and then cut- just cut the fold!  Brilliant!

Mini-match books!  So cute!

So after that I rushed to another session only to have it cancelled.  But later I happened to be at my last session (actually in the wrong room really) and ended up getting the packet she was presenting.  I’ll look through it…eventually.  😉  So I killed time at the sales tables and a got a free mini-Versa Tiles set!  I love free stuff!  Then I went to my last session.  Another one concerning math workshop.  I really like the model and since I know it works for reading, why not math?  Well unfortunately I don’t have a long enough time during my math block to really implement it in its entirety.  But I’m going to try as much as I can.  After that it was homeward bound.

The whole CAMT experience was a great one for me.  I had never been to a teaching conference like that and it was neat to be in a room full of teachers with so many different teaching backgrounds.  It was interesting to hear what different schools or districts did and how well they worked.  I came away from the experience energized and ready to have a classroom full of kids and teach.  Love it!  What is inspiring you this school year?  What is your muse or kick start?  Did you attend a conference?  Talk to me people!

Happy teaching y’all!

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