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Gotta love those books!

on August 6, 2012

So I was doing my daily blog stalking and I came across a new post from a blog I love following, SOS Supply, and she talked about this new widget that she had added on her blog. It’s called Shelfari and it’s a book widget. Cool! I love books! So I hopped on over to the website to see what this was about. It’s a widget that lets you display or list books you’ve read, are currently reading, or want and you can write things about them. Awesome! It’s powered by Amazon and I love it! Now for some reason I can’t make it do the neat bookshelf look that Sue has. But the list is pretty nice too. I’ve put the book I’m currently reading on G/T students and using literature and I’ll be adding more as time goes on. This will include what I’ve already read and my future plans. I’ll work to keep this as updated as possible. So check out my new page in my menu and see what I’m reading!

Happy teaching ya’ll!

2 responses to “Gotta love those books!

  1. susanne says:

    Thanks for the link-up. I’m so pleased you like the widget as much as I do. I can see myself using it a lot.

    Great blog by the way – so glad I stopped by. I’m your newest follower.


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