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The Wonderful World of Mathematics part 2

on August 3, 2012

Okay so sorry I fell off the blog bandwagon!  I’ve been working in my room and then having some opportunities for family visits.  Ah good times…But I digress!

Okay so when I last left you, it was day one of CAMT and I had done some shopping.  What I really did was just do a look around and just see what was there.  A lot.  A lot of stuff was there.  Everything from teacher fashions (the shirts were so cute!) to textbook programs to jewelry.  There were some booths I was looking for specifically so I made sure to hunt them down and just know where they were so when I attended some more sessions I would know where to find what I wanted.  After that I hoofed it over to listen to the great Kim Sutton.

Ah Kim Sutton.  She is awesome!  If you’ve ever heard her speak you know what I’m talking about.  She was a classroom teacher and creates things to work on mathematics.  She is famous for her number line with the colored dots to mark the various skip counting patterns.  She also works with Ron Brown who writes music to talk about math concepts.  In this session, we laughed, danced, sang, and just absorbed her enthusiasm.  The session was on addition and subtraction.  Honestly she did not show me anything so new that I was just blown away.  She did show how some of her products, such as the workbooks with the random number calling CD, worked and how to use it.  What I got most out of her session was renewed enthusiasm in what I do- teach.  She made me excited to go back in the classroom and just work hard to help my students.  I feel like we all just sometimes need to be reminded what fun we really have in our work.  Kim Sutton did that for me.  I also got a baggie of freebies including a double 10-sided die, and clear colored chips.  Awesome!

From there I ran to a session I knew I had to find from friends who attended CAMT last year.  I went and saw Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks.  They created games with dice and cards.  They have developed their own deck of cards that are all numbers as opposed to the traditional face cards.  They also love double dice and 10-sided dice.  Now I’ll be honest.  I tried hard to take notes as we were going through the session.  But we moved so fast I couldn’t keep up!  It was just easier to play the games and enjoy myself.  It had me thinking and laughing.  Another great motivating session!

It was almost time to head home and since I had some time, I ran back to the exhibitions and made my first purchases.  Check it out!

The Kim Sutton book has a random number calling CD included.  When I went to the table I told the ladies to suggest the best place to start for a first time follower.  Then I (again being the music geek I am) grabbed a music CD because I know I can use many of them.  I was able to get on her website here and download the lyrics to the music.  Awesome!

After that it was a quick trip to Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks to get this book.

Why this one?  It’s the one that is used with just normal dice and cards.  No special items required.  Perfect!  Oh and you can find their website right here.

Okay let me gather my notes from the other two days and I’ll be back!  Do you use any of these products already?  Have you been to one of their workshops?  What do you think of them?  Talk to me people!

Happy teaching y’all!

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