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What I want to be when I grow up

on July 23, 2012

Ahh the classic writing prompt used by teachers everywhere.  Always good in a pinch.  Well this time I’ll be the one to answer this as I’m joining up with Janaye at Tales of Frogs & Cupcakes for her linky party.  First one ever!  So here it is…  What I want to be when I grow up.

Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to teach.  Thinking back, it’s really hard to pinpoint what made the decision for me.  I know I’ve known it since I was really young.  That’s not to say I didn’t think about other jobs or professions.  I did.  But every time I moved forward on setting up my grown up life, it always was a step towards my own classroom.  I honestly think it had to do with my memory of learning to read and a couple of key teachers in my school days that did it.  It also didn’t hurt that I was the oldest of 5 children and was around little kids a lot.  Not only was I around them a lot, it was quickly determined that I was good at taking care of them.  Oh how my parents exploited that skill!  😉

But I digress… If you’ve read my “About Me” page, I talk about my memory of reading my first story to my mother.  I do have odd memories here and there of doing sight word cards with my mother… and having a particularly hard with time with the word “and” for some reason.  Great frustration for my mother and me.  But all that went away on the day that I came flying home from the school bus stop shouting, “Mommy I can read!  I can read!”  My teacher had given me my reader to take home and show her.  Funny part, I don’t remember working on it in class very much.  Those memories are kind of fuzzy for some reason.  Anyways… My mother asked me to show her (which was not necessary as I had already thrown my backpack somewhere and was sitting down to read).  As she watched, I slowly got through the story.  By the end of it, my mother had tears running down her face and was in the process of wrapping me up in a huge bear hug.  From that time on I always had a book in my hands.  As I got older and reflected on that memory, I realized that I wanted to help children get that same aha! moment and own it.  I wanted to help them turn those light bulbs on.

But as I already said, that wasn’t the only thing.  There were also some really great teachers.  Let’s see who I can remember.  There was Ms. Waldrop in 2nd grade.  Ms. Brimie in 5th grade.  Dr. Swychowski in AP Government.  Mrs. Tate and Mrs. Saunders in English 11 GT/AP US History. There were several great college professors too.   All of these teachers influenced me in some way.  It was a mixture of how they taught their classes that kept absolutely everyone engaged and how they took a personal interest in me.  I remember Ms. Brimie especially.  On the days that were for parent-teacher conferences, she made them parent-teacher-student conferences.  We all talked about what my learning goals were and what we would all do to achieve them.  And you know what?  She helped me get just about all of them!  Talk about dedication!  Bottom line, I had great examples of what being a great teacher should look like.  I wanted to be just like them during the years I was in their rooms.

So when it was time for college and picking a major, I proudly proclaimed elementary education!  I do not regret it one bit.  Later, my dad told me something that just about sums things up for me, “I’ve always regarded teaching as a calling…not just another job or profession.”  You know what?  I think he’s right.  Teaching is a calling and one I’m thankful I answered.  I get stressed out and wonder what I got myself into.  My husband is right there with me.  😉  But honestly?  I can’t picture myself doing anything else.  I love teaching!

Happy Teaching!

4 responses to “What I want to be when I grow up

  1. I agree with you that it is a “calling.” Students need adults that care about them and want to be there. It is by far a difficult job, but I would not trade it for anything else.

  2. Janaye says:

    I totally agree, it is definitely a calling! Not just anyone can do it! Thanks for linking up and sharing your response to the prompt 😉

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