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My 2012-2013 Classroom! Part 1

on July 17, 2012

Well I got into my classroom  yesterday for the first time since I left in May.  You know what?  I was excited!  I usually see the whole process of setting up my room as a big chore that I want done as quickly as possible before inservice starts.  Once inservice starts I don’t usually have enough time to work in it anymore.  Especially this year since I am now first grade team leader.  But after all the blog stalking and pinning all over Pinterest, I’m pumped!  I walked into my room and saw a blank slate.  Quite literally as we’re required to keep our wall hangings to a minimum.  Here is the starting point:

So since I had my 3-year-old with me(as you saw in the first picture) and the A/C was not turned on and I live in East Texas (enough said), I have not done much.  I have moved all the big furniture into place and wiped them down with baby wipes (they are part of the school supply lists and great for this job).  Here is another look with some quick early work done:

Since these photos, I’ve finished putting the shelves in place and wiped them all down.  I have also put the desks in a large grid for now until I figure out how I want to arrange them.  I am also currently working to streamline my colors to just blue and yellow.  So I’ve taken down all of my border and any fabric that did not match.  Oh and by the way, I love fabric for my room boards!  They take years to fade!  I’ve been using this same fabric for about 5 years now and still don’t have to replace it!  I would show you a picture of all this other work except I didn’t get the chance as my daughter wanted lunch and fast!

So what are my next steps?  Well I’m going to get the needed fabric and border and finish putting them up.  I’m going to clean and re-hang my curtains for the shelves and windows, and I’m going to start putting things back.  What’s that you say?  There isn’t much to put back?  Where is everything?  Well it’s right here:

We have a storage room on our hall!  Would you believe it used to be a classroom?!  Very small!  This is my parking spot (as designated by masking tape on the floor) where all my personal teaching stuff are.

Most of this will go back in my room when I’m done.  I’ve got some storage drawers that I’ll be lining in my colors to spruce them up as well.  Want to know how to do that?  Head over to Kinder-Craze and see this post.  You’ll love it!  I’ll post more pictures once more has been done.

Happy Teaching!

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