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Spring…I mean Pinterest cleaning

on July 12, 2012

So in all my blog stalking, I’m seeing a reoccurring trend of organizing and sprucing things up.  My idea of fun!  I love being organized!  I always get complimented on how organized my room is.  I’m sad to say that there are many days during the school year where my classroom is in better shape than my house.  I know I’m not the only one!  But during the school year, I spend way more time in my classroom.  AND there are A LOT more bodies in my classroom.  AND it is a A MUCH smaller space than my house.  Okay I’ll stop justifying as I’m sure you get the idea.

Well I saw an article from Teaching Blog Addict concerning Pinterest (you can see it here).  It talked about making sure the links actually work and how to pin from a blog so that you can actually get to the blog posting and not a list.  Many a good idea has been lost to cyberspace if not pinned correctly!  Well it also talked about how to organize your pins.  So as we all know, we can’t create a board within a board.  So you have to figure out a system that works for you and makes sense to your followers.  Well today the itch to clean up my boards finally got irritating enough that I had to scratch (it was also raining cats and dogs all day so I was bored).

Okay so I got started with one of my smaller boards and it went pretty good.  So then I looked at my biggest board.  The one labeled “Ideas I like for school”.  A whopping 270+ pins on that board.  Oh joy.  Well I knew that the best way to systematically go through each pin was to create a series of new boards and then move my pins to those boards essentially emptying the current one.  Well it’s slow moving work let me tell you!  I have to make sure that each pin works and that it’s something I want to keep on my boards.  Also, I found a couple of pins that the links didn’t even work.  Why didn’t I do this when I was originally pinning all this stuff?  No clue.  But now I’m a determined gal!  I will get this done before the end of summer!  So anyways, it’s a long slow process and it will not get finished tonight.  I can also see how in the future, as my boards get more cluttered, how I’ll be doing more such cleanings later on.

But I will say I’ve been inspired by the blog posts about organizing and arranging classrooms that I can’t wait to get into my room next!  School doesn’t start for another month but I’d rather start sooner than later and do it slowly than rushed.  Of course some of these ideas were found on Pinterest!  Want to see what I’m thinking of?  Follow me on Pinterest and you will!  I’ll be posting more on that G/T book study in the next few days once I get more read.

Happy teaching y’all!

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